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BenQ RP700+ LED

LED for digital signage video walls LED for digital signage software
70" Diagonal, FHD 1920 x 1080, 4000:1 contrast

Jim Jacobson
Digital Signage Specialist
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jjacobson@visualapex.com Contact Jim for all of your digital signage questions, he has the experience and knowledge to pull your project together.

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BenQ RP700+ LED display specs:

Screen Size: 70 inches diag.
Compatibility: N/A
Native Res.: FHD 1920 x 1080
Colors: N/A
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Features: Versatile, Smart and Vision-Friendly
Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
Dimensions: 64.77in W 38.26in H 4.86in D
Weight: 158.73 lbs.
Warranty: N/A

BenQ RP700+ LED display details:

BenQ LED display RP700plus

BenQ RP700+
LED Display

Smart and Vision-Friendly
With the MDA Management Support and Eye-care Technology, BenQ IFP RP700+ now brings you the maximized convenience, efficiency and viewing comfort, and enhances the classroom interaction better than ever.

Low Blue Light Technology
The interactive flat panels are built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Technology to reduce harmful blue spectrum light emission, which causes eyestrain, eye fatigue and even mascular degeneration. The Low Blue Light technology features the Classroom mode that combats the possible side effects associated with blue light in every usage occasion.

Take advantage of portrait mode
BenQ puts extra attention on optimizing portrait mode, which in many scenarios is more effective than landscape. The LED-backlit panel features stronger attachment points on all edges to prevent the “Mura” image distortion common on consumer displays when used in portrait orientation.

AG(Anti-Glare) Glass
The screen’s anti-glare glass reduces reflection, for more legible text and clearer images, helping students avoid eyestrain and facilitating more effective instruction.

Ambient Light Sensor
Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) saves time and effort by providing remote management of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel MDA also supports remote shutdowns of equipment not in use, saving significant power costs.

MDA Software
Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) saves time and effort by providing remote management of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel MDA also supports remote shutdowns of equipment not in use, saving significant power costs.

Front Bezel HotKey Design
Hotkeys are incorporated on the front bezel for quick and easy access to Freeze and Blank features as well as volume and input source control.

Quick Access on Remote Control
The Freeze and Blank features are built as hotkeys on the remote control for easy access to support classroom instruction and presentation efficiency.

Multi-Platform Compatibility
Compatible with major operating systems from Windows to Mac, Linux and Chrome, the interactive flat panels are built to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices with a simple plug and play.

Multi-PC Touch Support
With three USB ports, one set on the front bezel for easy access, the interactive flat panels support up to three computing devices.

DisplayNote Software
The DisplayNote software is a cross platform solution that facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices, enabling everyone to stream content and contribute to the presentation. The Wireless Desktop Control feature further allows teachers to mirror and wirelessly control their PC from anywhere in class, freeing them from traditional lecture style teaching.

EZCast Software
The EZCast software features WiFi Display that projects diverse digital content from computing and smart devices as well as cloud storage via WiFi. Its Quad Split Screen feature supports cross-platform split-screen display from up to four input sources. As a result, teachers and students are able to share and interact freely.

Additional Features:
  • Low Blue Light Technology
  • Anti-Glare Glass
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • MDA Software
  • DisplayNote Software
  • Items included with the BenQ RP700plus:

  • Remote controll w/ batteries
  • Power cord
  • VGA cable
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