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MW860USTi pic 1
MW860USTi pic 1
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  • MW860USTi pic 1
  • MW860USTi pic 2
  • MW860USTi pic 3
  • MW860USTi pic 4
! The BenQ MW860USTi is no longer available!

Key Specs: 3000 ANSI Lumens
2600:1 contrast ratio
WXGA resolution
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BenQ MW860USTI projector specs:

BenQ projector MW860USTi
BenQ MW860USTi Projector projection calculator BenQ MW860USTi Projector spec sheet
Resolution: WXGA
Brightness: 3,000 ANSI lumens
Colors: 1.07 Billion Colors
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 native
Technology: DLP
Contrast Ratio: 2600:1
Compatibility: WXGA (1280 x 800) native resolution
Weight: 9.1 lbs.
Dimensions: 6.1in W 13in H 10.1in D
Features: Ultra short-throw projector with 3D QDraw 2.0
Warranty: 3 year parts and labor
Included Items:
  • Remote Control w/ Battery
  • Power Cord (by region)
  • User Manual CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card (by region)
  • VGA(D-sub 15pin) Cable
  • PD pen 2.0 (BenQ offers one dual-pen ready PD2.0 pen in Standard package; please purchase another PD2.0 pen for full support)
  • BenQ MW860USTI projector details:

    BenQ MW860USTi
    WXGA Ultra-Short Throw 3D Multimedia Projector

    An Added Touch of Fun and Excitement in Learning
    The MW860USTi gives you the ultimate interactivity with the all new 2nd generation PointDraw™ technology! Interact simultaneously with dual pen support and QDraw 2.0 on the WXGA resolution screen. This ultra short-throw projector also enables 3D projection to maximize the learning experience.

    Additional Features:

    • 2nd Generation PointDraw™ Technology Now with the All New Dual Pen Mode
      This year BenQ offers two users and two PointDraw pens! The 2nd generation PointDraw technology comes featuring the Dual Pen Mode to enable endless collaboration through simultaneous teacher-student interaction. Students can take turn making their contribution to the lesson under the teacher’s complete guidance and control. What’s more, with the purchase of the MW860USTi, you’ll also get the upgraded PointDraw Pen 2.0 and QDraw 2.0 support for free!
    • PointDraw Pen 2.0
      The 2nd generation PointDraw pen is built with a much faster response time, supporting classroom interaction from up to 30 feet. Who said you have to wait around for magic to happen?
    • Interactive fun with QDraw 2.0 software
      Designed to support the Dual Pen Mode, the QDraw 2.0 Interactive Software now features two toolbars. Paired with the first PointDraw pen detected, the teacher toolbar can be customized by each teacher using the "teacher pen". Paired with the second PointDraw pen detected, the student toolbar is placed down low within easy reach of students using the "student pen".
    • DLP® Link™ 3D Projection
      Maximize students’ learning with amazing 3D effects! The MW860USTi is 3D ready to turn conventional classrooms into a whole new immersive learning environment that best suits today’s young learners. Teachers can illustrate complex or abstract concepts using 3D graphics and engage students in biology projects such as animal dissection more effectively. They can also take their classes on virtual field trips whenever and wherever they want.
    • Zero Space Constraints
      Just imagine the freedom of having the same projection quality with half the required distance! You’ll have better flexibility in choosing your projection locations! That's the magic of short throw!
    • Zero Eye-Blinding Lights
      The short throw projection distance keeps the projector light from shinning directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience.
    • Zero Disruptions
      Say goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt your presentation. With a projection distance this close, you and your audience can move freely without worrying about obstructions between the projector and the screen!
    • 20W Speaker Power and Microphone Input Support
      The MW860USTi comes with enhanced audio support for your classroom. Two 10W speakers are sealed and secured within each side of the projector with BenQ's anti-shake design to deliver 20W crisp-clear audio performance with stable projection. The microphone input connects the projector to a conventional microphone or microphone headset for increased ease of teaching and learning.
    • Calibration-Free Interactivity
      Unlike other interactive projection solutions, BenQ's PointDraw technology requires no calibration at all between the MW860USTi and the projection screen. Teachers can easily set up their lesson to begin teaching – All they need to do is switch on the projector and the PointDraw pen!
    • WXGA Widescreen Short-throw Projection
      Engage your class with BenQ's WXGA (1280x800) short-throw picture performance! Comparing to 4:3 projections, WXGA widescreen projection boosts the total viewing area by 30% for effective learning. The unique ultra short-throw technology renders sharper, clearer images and less shadow distractions using only 0.73m to project a large 87" image. WXGA is the best resolution support for widescreen PC and notebooks.
    • LAN Display and USB Display
      The MW860USTi keeps display set-ups quick and easy with LAN Display and USB Display options. LAN Display supports classroom projector control and audiovisual projection display via a single LAN cable. It also enables simultaneous school-wide emergency broadcasts.

      USB Display offers the plug-and-play convenience of USB connection – with automatic resolution detection for the best image presentation and extension support for simultaneous multi-projection display.
    • PC-Less Teaching
      To make a teacher's job easier, the MW860USTi supports PC-less teaching in two ways: USB Drive Display and Remote Desktop.

      USB Drive Display allows teachers to teach light with a USB flash drive. All they need to do is save the files they need onto a USB flash drive and insert it in the MW860USTi to start teaching. File types supported are JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

      Remote Desktop grants teachers remote access to files stored in their computers with a wireless mouse and keyboard via LAN connection. With this handy feature, there will be no need for a classroom computer – which means more money saved on computer purchase, maintenance and repair for your school.
    • ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!
      Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

      ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.
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