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Projectors :  More than 2000 lumens

Home Theater Projectors Projectors bring the theater experience to your living room! These home theater projectors will put your big screen TV to shame and make you the envy of your friends. Specially designed to bring movies, sporting events, gaming and TV shows to life, these projectors and a Visual Apex screen will give you amazing brightness, detail, and image size. We've selected these projectors because they provide the home theater experience you crave, with a cinema-quality movie environment that will blow you away. It's high definition home entertainment at it's best.
BenQ W1070 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ W1070 Special! 2000 1080p 10,000:1 $655
Epson Home-Cinema-8350 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8350 Special! 2000 1080p 50,000:1 $829
Epson Home-Cinema-8350-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8350-R Special! 2000 1080p 50,000:1 $699
Epson Home-Cinema-2030 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-2030 Special! 2000 1080p 15,000:1 $799
Optoma HD161X Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD161X Special! 2000 1080p 40,000:1 $1,299
BenQ HT1075 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ HT1075 Special! 2200 1080p 10,000:1 $785
BenQ HT1085ST Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ HT1085ST Special! 2200 1080p 10,000:1 $897
Epson Home-Cinema-3010-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3010-R Special! 2200 1080p 40,000:1 $799
Epson Home-Cinema-5025UB Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5025UB Special! 2200 1080p 600,000:1 $1,999
Optoma HD50 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD50 Special! 2200 1080p 50,000:1 $1,599
Epson Home-Cinema-3020-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3020-R Special! 2300 1080p 40,000:1 $999
Epson Home-Cinema-3020 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3020 Special! 2300 1080p 40,000:1 $1,399
Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe Special! 2400 1080p 600,000:1 $2,599
Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe-R Special! 2400 1080p 600,000:1 $1,899
Epson Home-Cinema-5020UBe-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5020UBe-R Special! 2400 1080p 320,000:1 $1,599
Epson Home-Cinema-5030UB Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5030UB Special! 2400 1080p 600,000:1 $2,299
Panasonic PT-AE8000U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-AE8000U Special! 2400 1080p 500,000:1 $1,499
BenQ HC1200 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ HC1200 Special! 2500 1080p 11,000:1 $899
Epson Home-Cinema-3500 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3500 Special! 2500 1080p 70,000:1 $1,599
Epson MovieMate-85HD Compare Epson Projectors Epson MovieMate-85HD Special! 2500 720p 3000:1 $849*
Epson Presenter Compare Epson Projectors Epson Presenter Special! 2500 720p 3000:1 $815
Epson BrightLink-455Wi Compare Epson Projectors Epson BrightLink-455Wi Special! 2500 720p 2000:1 Call
Epson Home-Cinema-3600e Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3600e Special! 2500 1080p 70,000:1 $1,899
Epson PowerLite-1761W Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1761W Special! 2600 720p 2000:1 $749
Panasonic PT-CW240U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-CW240U 2600 720p 8000:1 Call
Optoma EH200ST Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH200ST Special! 2800 1080p 20,000:1 $949
BenQ MH630 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MH630 Special! 3000 1080p 10,000:1 $629
BenQ MH680 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MH680 Special! 3000 1080p 10,000:1 $779
Epson PowerLite-1771W Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1771W Special! 3000 720p 2000:1 $929
Epson Home-Cinema-750HD Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-750HD Special! 3000 720p 5000:1 $799
Epson PowerLite-1776W Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1776W Special! 3000 720p 2000:1 $1,029
Optoma HD141X Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD141X 3000 1080p 20,000:1 $599
Panasonic PT-RZ475U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-RZ475U 3000 1080p 20,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-CX301RU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-CX301RU 3100 XGA 8000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-CX300U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-CX300U 3100 XGA 8000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-CW331RU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-CW331RU 3100 XGA 8000:1 Call
Canon REALiS_WUX10_MarkIID Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS WUX10 MarkIID 3200 1080p 1000:1
Canon REALiS_WUX10_Mark_II Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS WUX10 Mark II 3200 1080p 1000:1
Optoma DH1009 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma DH1009 Special! 3200 1080p 20,000:1 $649
Optoma H181X Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma H181X Special! 3200 720p 23,000:1 $499
Optoma HD26 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD26 Special! 3200 1080p 25,000:1 $699*
Optoma HD25-LV Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD25-LV Special! 3500 1080p 20000:1 $899*
Optoma DH1011 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma DH1011 Special! 3500 1080p 13,000:1 $699
Optoma EH300 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH300 Special! 3500 1080p 15000:1 $1,199
BenQ SH915 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SH915 Special! 4000 1080p 11,000:1 $1,089
BenQ SH940 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SH940 Special! 4000 1080p 50000:1 $2,199
Canon REALiS-WUX4000-D Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-WUX4000-D 4000 1080p 1000:1
Canon REALiS-WUX4000 Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-WUX4000 4000 1080p 1000:1
Christie LW401 Compare Christie Projectors Christie LW401 Special! 4000 720p 3000:1 Call
NEC NP-PE401H Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-PE401H 4000 720p 2000:1 Call
NEC NP-P401W Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P401W Special! 4000 720p 4,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DW530U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DW530U 4000 720p 2000:1 Call
Epson PowerLite-4750W Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-4750W Special! 4200 720p 5000:1 $1,859
Optoma EH415 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH415 Special! 4200 1080p 12,000:1 $1,299*
Epson PL-Pro-G6450WUNL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6450WUNL Special! 4500 1080p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6450WU Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6450WU Special! 4500 1080p 5000:1 Call
NEC NP-P451W Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P451W Special! 4500 720p 4,000:1 Call
Optoma EH500 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH500 Special! 4700 1080p 10,000:1 $1,399*
Canon REALiS-WUX5000-D Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-WUX5000-D 5000 1080p 1000:1
Canon REALiS-WUX5000 Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-WUX5000 5000 1080p 1000:1
Christie DHD555-GS Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD555-GS 5000 1080p 1200:1 Call
Optoma EH501 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH501 Special! 5000 1080p 15000:1 Call
Optoma EH503 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH503 Special! 5000 1080p 2000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6550WU Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6550WU Special! 5200 1080p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6550WUNL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6550WUNL Special! 5200 1080p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6550WU-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6550WU-R Special! 5200 1080p 5000:1 $1,999
Christie LW551i Compare Christie Projectors Christie LW551i Special! 5500 720p 3000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6050W Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6050W Special! 5500 720p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6050W-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6050W-R Special! 5500 720p 5000:1 $1,399
Epson PL-Pro-G6050WNL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6050WNL Special! 5500 720p 5000:1 Call
BenQ TH963 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ TH963 6000 1080p 8,300:1 Call
Christie HD6K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie HD6K-M 6000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6900WU Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6900WU Special! 6000 1080p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6750WUNL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6750WUNL Special! 6000 1080p 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6900WUNL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6900WUNL Special! 6000 1080p 5000:1 Call
Christie DHD600-G Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD600-G Special! 6200 1080p 4800:1 Call
Christie DWU600-G Compare Christie Projectors Christie DWU600-G Special! 6300 1080p 4800:1 Call
Christie WU7K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie WU7K-M 6300 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie DSplus6K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie DSplus6K-M 6300 SXGA+ 10,000:1 Call
Christie DWX600-G Compare Christie Projectors Christie DWX600-G Special! 6400 720p 4000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6150 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6150 Special! 6500 XGA 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6150NL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6150NL Special! 6500 XGA 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6800NL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6800NL Special! 7000 XGA 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-G6800 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-G6800 Special! 7000 XGA 5000:1 Call
Christie LW720 Compare Christie Projectors Christie LW720 Special! 7200 480p 2500:1 Call
Christie DHD851-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD851-Q New! 7500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie DHD951-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD951-Q 8500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie DWX951-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DWX951-Q 8500 720p 2500:1 Call
Christie DWU951-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DWU951-Q 8500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie WX10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie WX10K-M 9500 480p 10000:1 Call
Christie DXG1051-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DXG1051-Q 10000 XGA 2000:1 Call
Christie HD10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie HD10K-M 10000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-HD10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-HD10K-M 10000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-DSplus10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-DSplus10K-M 10500 SXGA+ 10,000:1 Call
Christie WU12K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie WU12K-M 10500 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-WU12K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-WU12K-M 10500 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie DSplus10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie DSplus10K-M 10500 SXGA+ 10,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DW11KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DW11KU 11000 480p 10000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-HD14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-HD14K-M 13500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-WU14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-WU14K-M 14000 1080p 2500:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DZ16KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DZ16KU 16000 1080p 10,000:1 Call

Business Projectors
Compare Projectors Projector Details Projectors Brightness Projectors resolution Projectors contrast ratio Visual Apex price for Home Theater Projectors
Canon LV-7292M Compare Canon Projectors Canon LV-7292M Special! 2200 XGA 500:1
Canon REALiS-SX60 Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-SX60 2500 SXGA+ 1000:1
Casio XJ-M140 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-M140 2500 XGA 1800:1
Casio XJ-M145 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-M145 2500 XGA 1800:1
Casio XJ-A146 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-A146 2500 XGA 1800:1
Casio XJ-ST145 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-ST145 2500 XGA 1800.1
Casio XJ-A141 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-A141 2500 XGA 1800:1
Canon LV-7297M Compare Canon Projectors Canon LV-7297M Special! 2600 XGA 500:1
Epson PowerLite-1751 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1751 Special! 2600 XGA 2000:1 $599
Epson PowerLite-97H Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-97H 2700 XGA 10,000:1 $549
Epson PowerLite-520 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-520 Special! 2700 XGA 16,000:1 $849
Epson VS330 Compare Epson Projectors Epson VS330 Special! 2700 XGA 10,000:1 $410
Epson PowerLite-570 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-570 Special! 2700 XGA 10,000:1 $1,129
NEC NP-M271X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-M271X 2700 XGA 3000:1 $729
Epson VS230 Compare Epson Projectors Epson VS230 Special! 2800 SVGA 10,000:1 $345
NEC NP-VE281 Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-VE281 2800 SVGA 3000:1 $369
NEC NP-VE281X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-VE281X 2800 XGA 3000:1 $449
Optoma GT1080 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma GT1080 Special! 2800 True HD 25,000:1 $749
BenQ MX842UST Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX842UST Special! 3000 XGA 13,000:1 $1,049
BenQ MX522 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX522 Special! 3000 XGA 13,000:1 $469
BenQ MX661 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX661 Special! 3000 XGA 13000:1 $549
BenQ MX505 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX505 Special! 3000 XGA 13,000:1 $399
BenQ MS504 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MS504 Special! 3000 SVGA 13,000:1 $309
BenQ MX620ST Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX620ST Special! 3000 XGA 13,000:1 $529
BenQ MX852USTplus Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX852USTplus Special! 3000 XGA 10,000:1 $1,099
BenQ MX819ST Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX819ST 3000 XGA 13000:1 $689
Canon REALiS_SX80_MarkIID Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS SX80 MarkIID 3000 SXGA+ 900:1
Canon LV-7392A Compare Canon Projectors Canon LV-7392A Special! 3000 XGA 2000:1
Canon REALiS_SX80_Mark_II Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II 3000 SXGA+ 900:1
Casio XJ-M150 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-M150 3000 XGA 1800:1
Casio XJ-M155 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-M155 3000 XGA 1800:1
Casio XJ-ST155 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-ST155 3000 XGA 1800:1
Epson PowerLite-98H Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-98H Special! 3000 XGA 10,000:1 $599
Epson PowerLite-1222 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1222 Special! 3000 XGA 10,000:1 $549
Optoma X305ST Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma X305ST Special! 3000 XGA 18,000:1 $649
NEC NP-M311X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-M311X 3100 XGA 3000:1 $829
BenQ MX600 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX600 Special! 3200 XGA 13,000:1 $499
BenQ MX570 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX570 Special! 3200 XGA 13,000:1 $479
Epson PowerLite-580 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-580 Special! 3200 XGA 10,000:1 $1,179
Epson PowerLite-530 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-530 Special! 3200 XGA 16,000:1 $949
Optoma X316ST Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma X316ST Special! 3200 XGA 20,000:1 $849
Optoma S310e Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma S310e 3200 SVGA 20,000:1 $279
Optoma DS331 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma DS331 Special! 3200 SVGA 20,000:1 $299
Optoma S316 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma S316 Special! 3200 SVGA 20,000:1 $309
Casio XJ-H1650 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-H1650 3500 XGA 1800:1
Epson PowerLite-965H Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-965H Special! 3500 XGA 10,000:1 $899
NEC NP-P350X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P350X 3500 XGA 2000:1 $1,399
Optoma TX635-3D Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma TX635-3D 3500 XGA 8000:1 $699
BenQ MX723 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX723 Special! 3700 XGA 13000:1 $749
BenQ MX726 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX726 Special! 4000 XGA 11000:1 $929
BenQ MX766 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX766 Special! 4000 XGA 13000:1 $1,249
BenQ MX722 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MX722 Special! 4000 XGA 5300:1 $929
Canon LV-7490 Compare Canon Projectors Canon LV-7490 4000 XGA 2000:1
Canon REALiS-SX7-Mark-IID Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-SX7-Mark-IID 4000 SXGA+ 1000:1
Canon REALiS-SX7-Mark-II Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-SX7-Mark-II 4000 SXGA+ 1000:1
Casio XJ-H1750 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-H1750 4000 XGA 1400:1
Casio XJ-H1700 Compare Casio Projectors Casio XJ-H1700 4000 XGA 1800:1
Panasonic PT-FX400U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-FX400U Special! 4000 XGA 600:1 $1,649
Epson PowerLite-1930 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1930 Special! 4200 XGA 3000:1 $999
NEC NP-P420X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P420X 4200 XGA 2000:1 $1,799
Panasonic PT-VX410ZU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-VX410ZU 4200 XGA 4000:1 $1,349
Panasonic PT-VX415NZU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-VX415NZU 4200 XGA 4000:1 $1,649
Epson PowerLite-1955 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1955 Special! 4500 XGA 3000:1 $1,579
NEC NP-P451X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P451X Special! 4500 XGA 4,000:1 Call
Optoma X501 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma X501 4500 XGA 15000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX500U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX500U 4500 XGA 2000:1 Call
BenQ SX912 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SX912 Special! 5000 XGA 11,000:1 $1,190
Christie LX501 Compare Christie Projectors Christie LX501 Special! 5000 XGA 3000:1 Call
Epson PowerLite-1960 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-1960 Special! 5000 XGA 3000:1 $1,399
NEC NP-P501X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-P501X 5000 XGA 4,000:1 Call
Epson PowerLite-4650 Compare Epson Projectors Epson PowerLite-4650 Special! 5200 XGA 5000:1 $1,859
Panasonic PT-EX510UL Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX510UL 5300 XGA 2000:1 $2,159
Panasonic PT-EX510U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX510U 5300 XGA 2000:1 $2,379
BenQ SX914 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SX914 6000 XGA 6500:1 $1,490
Canon REALiS-SX6000D Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-SX6000D 6000 SXGA+ 1000:1
Canon REALiS-SX6000 Compare Canon Projectors Canon REALiS-SX6000 6000 SXGA+ 1000:1
Christie LX601i Compare Christie Projectors Christie LX601i Special! 6000 XGA 3000:1 Call
Optoma X605 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma X605 Special! 6000 XGA 2000:1 Call
Optoma X600 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma X600 Special! 6000 XGA 10,000:1 $1,499*
NEC NP-PA621X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-PA621X New! 6200 XGA 6,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-EX610U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX610U 6200 XGA 5000:1 $2,799
Panasonic PT-EX610UL Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX610UL 6200 XGA 5000:1 $2,599
BenQ PX9600 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ PX9600 6500 XGA 2800:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX610US Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX610US 6500 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX610UK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX610UK 6500 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX610ULK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX610ULK 6500 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX610ULS Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX610ULS 6500 XGA 2000:1 Call
Christie LX700 Compare Christie Projectors Christie LX700 Special! 7000 XGA 2200:1 Call
NEC NP-PA722X Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-PA722X New! 7200 XGA 6,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-EX800ZU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX800ZU 7500 XGA 5000:1 $4,349
Panasonic PT-EX800ZUL Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX800ZUL 7500 XGA 5000:1 $4,149
BenQ PX9710 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ PX9710 7700 SXGA 2800:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-Z8150NL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-Z8150NL Special! 8000 XGA 5000:1 Call
NEC NP-PX800X2 Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-PX800X2 8000 XGA 2100:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX810ULS Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX810ULS 8200 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX810UK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX810UK 8200 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX810US Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX810US 8200 XGA 2000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX810ULK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX810ULK 8200 XGA 2000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-Z8255NL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-Z8255NL Special! 10000 XGA 5000:1 Call
Epson PL-Pro-Z8250NL Compare Epson Projectors Epson PL-Pro-Z8250NL Special! 10000 XGA 5000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX100UK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX100UK 10000 XGA 10000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DX100ULK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DX100ULK 10000 XGA 10000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DS12K Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DS12K Special! 12000 SXGA+ 10000:1 Call
Christie DSplus14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie DSplus14K-M 12500 SXGA+ 2500:1 Call
Panasonic PT-EX12KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX12KU 13000 XGA 4,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-DSplus14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-DSplus14K-M 14000 SXGA+ 2500:1 Call
Panasonic PT-EX16KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-EX16KU 16000 XGA 2500:1 Call
Panasonic PT-DS20KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DS20KU 20000 SXGA+ 10000:1 Call

*Check product details for pricing information, restrictions may apply.

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 Epson Home Cinema 8350
 Epson Home Cinema 2030
 Epson Home Cinema 3020
 BenQ W1070
 Optoma HD25-LV

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