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Panasonic PT-DW10000U pricing and specifications
! The Panasonic PT-DW10000U is no longer available!

Key Specs: 10000 ANSI Lumens
5000:1 contrast ratio
1080p resolution

Customers are now selecting the Panasonic PT-DZ8700U

Replacement: PT-DZ8700U Projector
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Panasonic PT-DW10000U projector specs:

Panasonic projector PT-DW10000U
Panasonic PT-DW10000U Projector projection calculator
Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 10,000 ANSI lumens
Colors: N/A
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3
Technology: DLP - 0.95
Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Compatibility: •Native: 1920x1080
•Video: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720 (60p/50p), 1035/60i, 1080 (25p/24p/24sF/30p/60i/50i/50p/60p)
•Video/Color Signal: NTSC (4.43), PAL (M/N/60), SECAM
Weight: 70.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 22.75in W 19.59in H 25.31in D
Features: •Full HD Spec - 1920x1080p
•Four Lamp System
•Optional Lenses
•Optional Terminal Boards
  • The PT-DW10000U does not include a lens
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Parts & Labor; 90 Days on Lamp
    Included Items:
    • 6ft. AC Power Cord
    • Wireless/Wired Remote Control
    • Batteries for Remote Control
    • Remote Control Cable

    Panasonic PT-DW10000U projector details:

    Panasonic Projector Systems Company PT-DW1000U
    Panasonic Full HD 1080p Large Venue DLP Projector

    The PT-DW10000U is Panasonic's new Full HD DLP system projector with 10,000 lumens of brightness. The PT-DW10000U is a full high-definition projector that can faithfully display HD content. High brightness is assured by a four lamp system that delivers 10,000 lumens, while dynamic iris technology achieves an outstanding 5,000:1 contrast ratio. Three-chip DLP technology provides excellent resistance to deterioration due to aging, making the PT-DW10000U an extremely reliable system projector.

    Additional Features:

    Full HD Large Venue DLP® System Projector with 10,000 Lumens of Brightness

    Clear, Bright Projection of Detailed HD Images
    The PT-DW10000U is a full high-definition projector that can faithfully display HD content. High brightness is assured by a four lamp system that delivers 10,000 lumens, while dynamic iris technology achieves an outstanding 5,000:1 contrast ratio. Three-chip DLP® technology provides excellent resistance to deterioration due to aging, making the PT-DW10000U an extremely reliable system projector.

    Panasonic's New Technologies Improve Reliability and Installation Ease


    Minimal Downtime, High Efficiency, and a Bright Picture

    With Panasonic's original four lamp system, the PT-DW10000U generates 10,000-lumen brightness. If one lamp burns out during operation, the remaining lamps provide plenty of light to continue projecting. A lamp relay mode is also included. Extended, continuous operation is possible by lamp mode selection.

    Provides 2,000 Hours of Use Without Filter Maintenance

    The PT-DW10000U is the world's first*1 projector with an automatic filter cleaning system. When you switch on the projector*2, the air filter operates and the brush of the auto cleaning "robot" removes dust from the filter. This prevents the clogging results in malfunctions and other problems. *1 As of December, 2006.
    *2 When using the timer, you cannot set the filter to be cleaned more than once every 24 hours. Cleaning occurs either when the system is switched on or when it is cooling down when the specified cleaning time comes. The timer can be set to any time between 00:00 and 23:50 in 10-minute increments. You can also manually clean the filter using the menu on the on-screen display.

    A new filter in the air intake section traps dust particles that are 10 microns* or larger. By capturing approximately 7 times as much dust as our previous filters, it guards against optical blocks and reduces the penetration of dust into to the interior to provide stable operation by, for example, preventing drops in brightness.
    *Individual lint particles and pollen are examples of dust with a size of 10 microns.

    1/2 CONCEPT
    Dramatically Reduced the Size, and Enabled 120-VAC Operation

    This is the first projector with a brightness of 10,000 lumens or more to operate on 120 VAC. And Panasonic's new iquid-cooling system made it possible to significantly downsize the PT-DW10000U, making it one of the most compact in its class. The size is 30% smaller and the weight and volume are 70% less than our previous model, the PT-D9510/PT-D9610. The PT-DW10000U also offers flexible installation and is easy to operate.

    In order to further enhance the cooling efficiency, we completely revised the placement of various internal components and combined this with our popular cooling system to enable use in temperatures up to 45˚C. This allows use in a wider variety of environments, and keeps the operation more stable even in harsh conditions.

    Panasonic's original liquid-cooling system directly cools the DLP® chips, which extends the PT-DW10000U's performance and attains a high level of reliability.

    Anybody can operate the PT-DW10000U by remote control or monitor its status over a LAN network, because it is all done using the computer's familiar web browser. Furthermore, the PT-DW10000U sends an email message to notify the operator when an error has occurred, or a lamp needs to be replaced.

    The projector body is equipped with a temperature alarm LED and a burnt-lamp alarm LED (for lamps 1 to 4). In previous models, the LED indicator was visible only from the front. In the PT-DW10000U the LED is visible from both front and top, so you can see it easily even if the unit is hung from the ceiling. Information on the location of the error is also given in the on-screen display. A self-diagnosis function is also provided. Error codes displayed on the 3-digit, 7-segment LED on the side of the projector tell the operator where the problem is.

    Incorporating exclusive Panasonic technology, the dynamic iris opens and closes with exceptional speed and precision as the input signal changes, resulting in accurate, realtime control of the light striking the DLP® chips. The dynamic iris is positioned immediately after the light synthesizer and before the integrator, so it has minimal adverse effect on the overall light uniformity across the screen.

    The use of a full 10-bit image processing system provides smooth tonal expression. For example, skin tones appear natural and true to life.

    Compensation provides optimal levels of color saturation, hue, and brightness that were not possible with conventional projectors. Colors approach those of the original image, even on large-screen displays.

    This interlace/progressive conversion technology automatically detects when the input signal is derived from filmed material and selects the optimum progressive processing method to assure faithful reproduction of the original image.

    The dynamic sharpness control circuit adjusts the video signal waveforms based on the difference in brightness of adjacent pixels for a sharp, clear picture that is relatively unaffected by signal noise.

    Other Features
    • Powered Horizontal/Vertical Lens Shift - ±50% V/±30% H (From Center)
    • Optional Lenses For Various Venues
    • Multi-Screen Processor with Color Matching and Edge Blending
    • Multiple Terminals - DVI-D-HDCP Input, Two RGB Inputs (1 RGBHV, 1 VGA), Serial Input, Serial Output, S-Video Input, Two Remote Inputs, Remote Output, LAN (PJ-Link&tm;) Slot
    • Optional Terminal Boards
    • Easy Lamp Replacement
    • Grooves For Easy Handling
    • Blind Touch Operation Key/New Remote Control
    • Mechanical Lens Shutter
    • Picture in Picture - Main/sub Input Source Combinations Possible Only When Using Computer and Video
    • Anti-Theft Features With Chain Opening
    • ID Assignment for Up to 64 Units
    • Coordinated Groups
    • Digital Vertical Keystone Correction
    • Built-in Test Pattern
    • Selectable 9-Language On-Screen Menu - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
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