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Elite Home2 Series Projector Screen

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  • Home2_Series pic 1
  • Home2_Series pic 2
  • Home2_Series pic 3
  • Wall Mount and Ceiling Hanging Bracket
  • Mositure Resistant Aluminum Housing with Elegant White Enamel Coating
  • Adjustable blackdrop up to 4" for drop/rise positioning
  • Standard IR and RF Remotes
  • Interchangeable 3-Way Wall Switch or Extended IR Sensor
  • High Effective Scattered Screen Angle
  • Internal 12V Trigger Enables Synchronized Drop/Rise Cycle with Projector's Power Cycle
  • Tubular Motor Provides Superior Timing and Lift Capacity
  • 2-Years Parts and Labor Manufacturer Warranty

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Overview: Enhanced premium electric/motorized screens perfect for home theater or conference/classroom presentations.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
Home90IWH2 MaxWhite FG™ 16:9 90" $556.00 Purchase the Home90IWH2 projection screen now
Home90IWV2 MaxWhite FG™ 4:3 90" $401.00 Purchase the Home90IWV2 projection screen now
Home100IWH2 MaxWhite FG™ 16:9 100" $609.00 Purchase the Home100IWH2 projection screen now
Home100IWV2 MaxWhite FG™ 4:3 100" $414.00 Purchase the Home100IWV2 projection screen now
Home100IWS2 MaxWhite FG™ 1:1 101" $375.00 Purchase the Home100IWS2 projection screen now
Home120IWV2 MaxWhite FG™ 4:3 120" $479.00 Purchase the Home120IWV2 projection screen now
Home120IWS2 MaxWhite FG™ 1:1 121" $427.00 Purchase the Home120IWS2 projection screen now
Home135IWV2 MaxWhite FG™ 4:3 135" $585.00 Purchase the Home135IWV2 projection screen now
Home150IWS2 MaxWhite FG™ 1:1 150" $635.00 Purchase the Home150IWS2 projection screen now