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Accessories : Screen Selector : Elite CineTension2 Series Projector Screen with CineGrey™

Elite CineTension2 Series Projector Screen

CineTension2_Series pic 1
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  • CineTension2_Series pic 1
  • CineTension2_Series pic 2
  • CineTension2_Series pic 3
  • CineTension2_Series pic 4
  • Tension Cord Reinforced Retractable Screen
  • Elegant Black Durable All-Metal Casing for Wall & Ceiling Installation
  • Ships Fully Assembled with 3-Prong Connection Ready to Plug & Play
  • Adjustable blackdrop up to 4" for drop/rise positioning
  • Standard IR and RF Remotes
  • High Effective Scattered Screen Angle
  • Interchangeable 3-Way Wall Switch or Extended IR Sensor
  • Internal Low Voltage Controller with IR/RF Receiver
  • Internal 12V Trigger Enables Synchronized Drop/Rise Cycle with Projector's Power Cycle
  • Extended IR "Eye" Receiver for Recessed Ceiling Installations
  • Installation Kit with Bracket Wrench, Wall Screws and Bubble Level Included
  • Tubular Motor Provides Superior Timing and Lift Capacity
  • 2-Year Parts and Labor Manufacturer Warranty

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Overview: Enhanced premium tab-tensioned electric screens for home theater or commercial presentations.

Screen Surface: CineGrey™

Tension High Contrast Grey Material
CineGrey™ is the best choice when using older LCD/DLP high definition projectors with lower contrast ratios. Elite’s high contrast grey surface is ideal for home theater use. It enhances black levels while minimizing loss in white level output. Screen Surface can be washed with mild soap and water.

  • Multi-Layer PVC with Textured Surface Coating
  • Black Backing
Recommended For:
Projectors with Low Contrast Ratio (Below 2000:1) in the following light conditions:
  • Controlled Light Room
  • Completely Dark Room
Screen Gain 1.0
Screen Viewing Angle 80º
CineGrey™ fabric for screens can be cleaned CineGrey™ fabric for screens is flame retardant CineGrey™ fabric for screens is mildew resistant

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
TE84HC2 16:9 72.9"w x 41"h 84" $611 Purchase the TE84HC2 projection screen now
TE92HC2 16:9 80"w x 45"h 92" $826 Purchase the TE92HC2 projection screen now
TE100HC2 16:9 87.1"w x 49"h 100" $850 Purchase the TE100HC2 projection screen now
TE106HC2 16:9 92.1"w x 51.8"h 106" $868 Purchase the TE106HC2 projection screen now
TE135HC2 16:9 117.3"w x 66"h 135" $1,083 Purchase the TE135HC2 projection screen now
TE150HC2 16:9 130.7"w x 73.5"h 150" $1,195 Purchase the TE150HC2 projection screen now