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Elite VMAX2 Series Projector Screen

VMAX2_Series pic 1
  • Designed for Both Wall/Ceiling Installation
  • Lightweight Construction Ships Fully Assembled
  • Standard 3-Prong Plug - Simple Plug & Play
  • Synchronized Quiet Motor with Low Power Consumption and Operational Longevity
  • 160 Degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • Easy Control with Infrared and Radio Frequency Remotes and 3-Way Wall Box
  • Internal 12V Trigger Enables Synchronized Drop/Rise Cycle with Projector's Power Cycle
  • Black Case - Screens with "U" in Model No.
  • White Case - Screens with "X" in Model No.
  • 2-Years Parts and Labor Manufacturer Warranty

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Overview: Enhanced electric/motorized screens for home theater and commercial/education presentations.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
VMAX84XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 84" $259.00 Purchase the VMAX84XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX92XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 92" $336.00 Purchase the VMAX92XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX99XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 99" $362.00 Purchase the VMAX99XWS2 projection screen now
VMAX100XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 100" $363.00 Purchase the VMAX100XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX113XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 113" $388.00 Purchase the VMAX113XWS2 projection screen now
VMAX119XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 119" $415.00 Purchase the VMAX119XWS2 projection screen now
VMAX120XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 120" $415.00 Purchase the VMAX120XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX135XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 135" $496.00 Purchase the VMAX135XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX136XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 136" $492.00 Purchase the VMAX136XWS2 projection screen now
VMAX150XWV2 MaxWhite™ 4:3 150" $543.00 Purchase the VMAX150XWV2 projection screen now
VMAX153XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 153" $517.00 Purchase the VMAX153XWS2 projection screen now
VMAX170XWS2 MaxWhite™ 1:1 170" $662.00 Purchase the VMAX170XWS2 projection screen now