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Da-Lite Imager Projector Screen

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The Da-Lite Imager projector screen is available in sizes from 60" to 150" diagonal in video format, 77" to 159" diagonal in HDTV format and 96" to 138" diagonal in Cinemascope format. It surface mounts to the back of a black powder coated frame that provides a masking border. The frame is available with Pro-Trim finish for an additional charge. Pro-Trim is a fabric frame covering that aesthetically enhances the appearance of the installation while absorbing light that surrounds the viewing area. The frame now also available with your choice of seven veneers for an additional charge. Your custom veneer can also be matched.

Da-Mat, High Contrast Da-Mat, Da-Tex (Rear), Pearlescent, Cinema Vision, High Contrast Cinema Vision and Dual Vision up to and including 16' high will be seamless. Audio Vision, High Contrast Audio Vision and High Contrast Cinema Perf fabrics up to and including 8' high will be seamless. Front projection surfaces standard with black backing for opacity.

Overview: Provides a perfectly flat viewing surface for video projection applications.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
90299 High Contrast Cinema Vision 16:9 159" $1,673 Purchase the 90299 projection screen now
86908 Da-Tex (Rear) 16:9 159" $1,805 Purchase the 86908 projection screen now
93101 Audio Vision 16:9 159" $1,794 Purchase the 93101 projection screen now
86909 Dual Vision 16:9 159" $1,673 Purchase the 86909 projection screen now
87719 High Contrast Da-Mat 16:9 159" $1,519 Purchase the 87719 projection screen now
93102 High Contrast Audio Vision 16:9 159" $1,794 Purchase the 93102 projection screen now
93103 High Contrast Cinema Perf 16:9 159" $1,948 Purchase the 93103 projection screen now
81187 Da-Mat 16:9 159" $1,519 Purchase the 81187 projection screen now
81804 Cinema Vision 16:9 159" $1,673 Purchase the 81804 projection screen now
81802 Pearlescent 16:9 159" $1,625 Purchase the 81802 projection screen now

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