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Draper Silhouette Series E Projector Screen

Silhouette_Series_E pic 1
Wall or ceiling mounted non-tensioned projection screen.
  • Slender dimensions and contemporary design.
  • Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.
  • Screen and dowel retract completely inside the case.
  • The slender curved aluminum case and endcaps are finished with our standard dove grey. Also available in black or white.
  • Conduit connection is provided at back or top.
  • Front fascia is removable without tools giving easy access to roller and motor for service.
  • With control options, it can be operated from any remote location.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 96" x 96" and 10' NTSC.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: A motorized projection screen designed for the 21st century.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
111376-HDTV Glass Beaded CH3200E 16:9 184" $2,822.00 Purchase the 111376-HDTV projection screen now
111546-HDTV Contrast Grey XH800E 16:9 184" $2,822.00 Purchase the 111546-HDTV projection screen now
111546Q-HDTV Contrast Grey XH800E 16:9 184" $2,940.00 Purchase the 111546Q-HDTV projection screen now
111547-HDTV Contrast Grey XH800E 16:9 193" $3,828.00 Purchase the 111547-HDTV projection screen now
111377-HDTV Glass Beaded CH3200E 16:9 193" $3,828.00 Purchase the 111377-HDTV projection screen now
111334-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 193" $3,828.00 Purchase the 111334-HDTV projection screen now
111324-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 197" $2,838.00 Purchase the 111324-NTSC projection screen now
111367-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 197" $2,838.00 Purchase the 111367-NTSC projection screen now
111355-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 204" $2,726.00 Purchase the 111355-AV projection screen now
111312-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 204" $2,726.00 Purchase the 111312-AV projection screen now
111313-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 210" $3,628.00 Purchase the 111313-AV projection screen now
111356-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 210" $3,628.00 Purchase the 111356-AV projection screen now
111368-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 210" $3,903.00 Purchase the 111368-NTSC projection screen now
111325-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 210" $3,903.00 Purchase the 111325-NTSC projection screen now
111335-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 216" $4,643.00 Purchase the 111335-HDTV projection screen now
111378-HDTV Glass Beaded CH3200E 16:9 216" $4,643.00 Purchase the 111378-HDTV projection screen now
111326-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 220" $4,185.00 Purchase the 111326-NTSC projection screen now
111369-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 220" $4,185.00 Purchase the 111369-NTSC projection screen now
111370-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 230" $4,451.00 Purchase the 111370-NTSC projection screen now
111327-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 230" $4,451.00 Purchase the 111327-NTSC projection screen now

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