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Draper Ultimate Access Series V Projector Screen

Ultimate_Access_Series_V pic 1
  • You can install the case first, screen later.
  • At the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter, the door of the Ultimate Access opens into the case before the viewing surface descends into the room. Your audience will be impressed by its precision timing and quiet, fluid movement. Motor-in-roller operation.
  • Draper's Tab-Tensioning System keeps screen flat, providing the best possible picture.
  • 12" extra drop is standard.
  • An independently motorized ceiling closure. In its closed position, the motorized closure forms a solid bottom panel giving the ceiling a clean appearance.
  • With control options, it can be operated from any remote location.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 12' x 12' and 15' NTSC.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.
Tab-Tensioned is Draper's Tab Tensioning System for vinyl surfaces. These screen surfaces consist of a reflective vinyl with no textile backing, and are tensioned for sufficient flatness to perform properly. The surface is stretched flat, resulting in better picture quality.

Overview: Tab-tensioned, screen with independently motorized ceiling closure.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
118185-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 137" $3,769.00 Purchase the 118185-AV projection screen now
118211-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 137" $3,939.00 Purchase the 118211-AV projection screen now
118326-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 137" $3,769.00 Purchase the 118326-AV projection screen now
118329-NTSC Grey XH600V 4:3 145" $4,074.00 Purchase the 118329-NTSC projection screen now
118195-NTSC Matt White XT1000V 4:3 145" $4,074.00 Purchase the 118195-NTSC projection screen now
118219-NTSC Pearl White CH1900V 4:3 145" $4,257.00 Purchase the 118219-NTSC projection screen now
118212-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 153" $4,112.00 Purchase the 118212-AV projection screen now
118186-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 153" $3,935.00 Purchase the 118186-AV projection screen now
118327-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 153" $3,935.00 Purchase the 118327-AV projection screen now
118338-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 154" $4,074.00 Purchase the 118338-AV projection screen now
118187-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 154" $4,074.00 Purchase the 118187-AV projection screen now
118213-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 154" $4,257.00 Purchase the 118213-AV projection screen now
118223-HDTV Pearl White CH1900V 16:9 161" $4,545.00 Purchase the 118223-HDTV projection screen now
118199-HDTV Matt White XT1000V 16:9 161" $4,349.00 Purchase the 118199-HDTV projection screen now
118330-HDTV Grey XH600V 16:9 161" $4,349.00 Purchase the 118330-HDTV projection screen now
118339-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 170" $4,241.00 Purchase the 118339-AV projection screen now
118229-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 170" $4,432.00 Purchase the 118229-AV projection screen now
118188-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 170" $4,241.00 Purchase the 118188-AV projection screen now
118189-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 180" $4,403.00 Purchase the 118189-AV projection screen now
118214-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 180" $4,602.00 Purchase the 118214-AV projection screen now

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