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Draper Luma 2 Projector Screen

Luma_2 pic 1
  • Attractive and practical choice wherever a large spring-roller screen is required.
  • Spring-roller operated.
  • Simple in design and rugged in construction.
  • Constructed entirely of heavy gauge components for years of dependable operation.
  • Housed in a steel case which has a scratch-resistant white polyester finish with matching endcaps.
  • Available with a ceiling trim kit for ceiling recessed installation.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 12' x 12' and 15' NTSC.
  • NTSC, HDTV and WideScreen format screens have black borders on all four sides.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: Heavy-duty wall or ceiling projector screen.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
206001-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 71" $156.00 Purchase the 206001-AV projection screen now
206027-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 71" $170.00 Purchase the 206027-AV projection screen now
206058-AV Contrast Grey XH800E 1:1 71" $170.00 Purchase the 206058-AV projection screen now
206059-AV Contrast Grey XH800E 1:1 85" $188.00 Purchase the 206059-AV projection screen now
206028-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 85" $188.00 Purchase the 206028-AV projection screen now
206002-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 85" $169.00 Purchase the 206002-AV projection screen now
206003-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 99" $192.00 Purchase the 206003-AV projection screen now
206029-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 99" $214.00 Purchase the 206029-AV projection screen now
206060-AV Contrast Grey XH800E 1:1 99" $214.00 Purchase the 206060-AV projection screen now
206013-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 100" $223.00 Purchase the 206013-NTSC projection screen now
206039-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 100" $247.00 Purchase the 206039-NTSC projection screen now
206066-NTSC Contrast Grey XH800E 4:3 100" $247.00 Purchase the 206066-NTSC projection screen now
206067-NTSC Contrast Grey XH800E 4:3 115" $273.00 Purchase the 206067-NTSC projection screen now
206040-NTSC Glass Beaded CH3200E 4:3 115" $273.00 Purchase the 206040-NTSC projection screen now
206014-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 115" $246.00 Purchase the 206014-NTSC projection screen now
206061-AV Contrast Grey XH800E 1:1 119" $233.00 Purchase the 206061-AV projection screen now
206030-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 119" $233.00 Purchase the 206030-AV projection screen now
206004-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 119" $207.00 Purchase the 206004-AV projection screen now
206005-AV Matt White XT1000E 1:1 120" $240.00 Purchase the 206005-AV projection screen now
206031-AV Glass Beaded CH3200E 1:1 120" $266.00 Purchase the 206031-AV projection screen now

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