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Draper Clarion Projector Screen

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  • Viewing surface is flat and that means perfect picture quality.
  • Weve redesigned the Clarion to simplify installation. The Clarions aluminum frame now forms an attractive 2" border, for a clean, theatre-like appearance.
  • Features a beveled, extruded aluminum frame.
  • Switch instantly between two projection formats with the optional Eclipse Masking System.
  • The fabric attaches to the frame without snaps or tools, forming a perfectly smooth viewing surface.
  • Z-Clip wall mounting brackets included to simplify installation.
  • Standard black frame may be covered with velvety black Vel-Tex, which virtually eliminates all reflections on the frame.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 10' x 10' or 108" x 144" or 15' NTSC.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: The finest fixed projection screens, newly redesigned.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
252086-NTSC Matt White XT1000V 4:3 120" $1,180.00 Purchase the 252086-NTSC projection screen now
252037-NTSC Pearl White CH1900V 4:3 120" $1,091.00 Purchase the 252037-NTSC projection screen now
252013-NTSC Matt White XT1000V 4:3 120" $1,010.00 Purchase the 252013-NTSC projection screen now
252101-NTSC Grey XH600V 4:3 120" $1,066.00 Purchase the 252101-NTSC projection screen now
252106-HDTV Grey XH600V 16:9 133" $1,455.00 Purchase the 252106-HDTV projection screen now
252018-HDTV Matt White XT1000V 16:9 133" $1,379.00 Purchase the 252018-HDTV projection screen now
252042-HDTV Pearl White CH1900V 16:9 133" $1,490.00 Purchase the 252042-HDTV projection screen now
252077-HDTV ClearSound White Weave XT900E 16:9 133" $3,253.00 Purchase the 252077-HDTV projection screen now
252125-HDTV ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E 16:9 133" $3,253.00 Purchase the 252125-HDTV projection screen now
252171-CinemaScope Matt White XT1000V 2.35:1 133" $1,572.00 Purchase the 252171-CinemaScope projection screen now
252179-CinemaScope Grey XH600V 2.35:1 133" $1,618.00 Purchase the 252179-CinemaScope projection screen now
252187-CinemaScope ClearSound Grey Weave XH600E 2.35:1 133" $2,977.00 Purchase the 252187-CinemaScope projection screen now
252183-CinemaScope ClearSound White Weave XT900E 2.35:1 133" $2,977.00 Purchase the 252183-CinemaScope projection screen now
252175-CinemaScope Pearl White CH1900V 2.35:1 133" $1,667.00 Purchase the 252175-CinemaScope projection screen now
252093-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 136" $1,472.00 Purchase the 252093-AV projection screen now
252029-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 136" $1,507.00 Purchase the 252029-AV projection screen now
252005-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 136" $1,395.00 Purchase the 252005-AV projection screen now
252172-CinemaScope Matt White XT1000V 2.35:1 148" $1,776.00 Purchase the 252172-CinemaScope projection screen now
252176-CinemaScope Pearl White CH1900V 2.35:1 148" $1,887.00 Purchase the 252176-CinemaScope projection screen now
252184-CinemaScope ClearSound White Weave XT900E 2.35:1 148" $3,526.00 Purchase the 252184-CinemaScope projection screen now

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