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Draper Onyx Projector Screen

Onyx pic 1
  • Assembles in about 10 minutes.
  • Front or rear projection.
  • The 4" wide beveled, extruded aluminum frame interconnects on site with one simple hand tool that Draper provides.
  • Each side piece slipfits tightly to injection molded plastic corners, forming perfectly mitered edges.
  • A radical new approach to fabric attachment will amaze even the toughest of critics.
  • There are no snaps! Uniform tension is applied to the entire surface area, so the surface isperfectly flat.
  • Unique fabric retention system enables you to adjust the surface tension up to 1-1/2", both vertically and horizontally in increments of approximately 3/8" in just seconds, without tools!
  • Frame finish: Black aluminum is standard. Add optional velvety black textile, Vel-Tex, to eliminate reflections. (see both finish options here)
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 20' x 20'.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: Fixed projection screens that are really easy to install!

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
253236-NTSC M2500 4:3 100" $826 Purchase the 253236-NTSC projection screen now
253324-NTSC Cineflex 4:3 100" $923 Purchase the 253324-NTSC projection screen now
253357-NTSC AT Grey 4:3 100" $2,188 Purchase the 253357-NTSC projection screen now
253341-NTSC Hi-Def Grey 4:3 100" $939 Purchase the 253341-NTSC projection screen now
253285-NTSC M1300 4:3 100" $357 Purchase the 253285-NTSC projection screen now
253273-NTSC AT1200 4:3 100" $2,188 Purchase the 253273-NTSC projection screen now
253212-NTSC M1300 4:3 100" $278 Purchase the 253212-NTSC projection screen now
253373-NTSC M2500 4:3 100" $954 Purchase the 253373-NTSC projection screen now
253300-NTSC Hi-Def Grey 4:3 100" $811 Purchase the 253300-NTSC projection screen now
253276-HDTV AT1200 16:9 106" $2,539 Purchase the 253276-HDTV projection screen now
253288-HDTV M1300 16:9 106" $452 Purchase the 253288-HDTV projection screen now
253305-HDTV Hi-Def Grey 16:9 106" $1,009 Purchase the 253305-HDTV projection screen now
253387-HDTV M2500 16:9 106" $1,157 Purchase the 253387-HDTV projection screen now
253329-HDTV Cineflex 16:9 106" $1,153 Purchase the 253329-HDTV projection screen now
253217-HDTV M1300 16:9 106" $370 Purchase the 253217-HDTV projection screen now
253360-HDTV AT Grey 16:9 106" $2,539 Purchase the 253360-HDTV projection screen now
253241-HDTV M2500 16:9 106" $1,029 Purchase the 253241-HDTV projection screen now
253343-HDTV Hi-Def Grey 16:9 106" $1,138 Purchase the 253343-HDTV projection screen now
253748-CinemaScope M1300 2.35:1 115" $647 Purchase the 253748-CinemaScope projection screen now
253745-CinemaScope AT1200 2.35:1 115" $2,416 Purchase the 253745-CinemaScope projection screen now

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