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Draper ShadowBox Clarion Projector Screen

ShadowBox_Clarion pic 1
  • Viewing surface snaps to the back of a 1-1/2" extruded aluminum frame with a black powder coat finish. The frame is visible and serves as a black border around the perimeter of the image area.
  • Add optional velvety black textile, Vel-Tex, to eliminate reflections on frame.
  • Surface is stretched taut, providing a flat viewing surface with a trim, finished appearance.
  • Wall mounting brackets included.
  • Overall unit size, including frame, equals image area plus 3" in each dimension.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 10' x 10' or 15' NTSC.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: Permanently tensioned screens for perfect picture quality.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
253083-NTSC Grey XH600V 4:3 90" $639.00 Purchase the 253083-NTSC projection screen now
253059-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 90" $733.00 Purchase the 253059-NTSC projection screen now
253035-NTSC Pearl White CH1900V 4:3 90" $654.00 Purchase the 253035-NTSC projection screen now
253011-NTSC Matt White XT1000V 4:3 90" $606.00 Purchase the 253011-NTSC projection screen now
253016-HDTV Matt White XT1000V 16:9 92" $654.00 Purchase the 253016-HDTV projection screen now
253040-HDTV Pearl White CH1900V 16:9 92" $707.00 Purchase the 253040-HDTV projection screen now
253064-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 92" $792.00 Purchase the 253064-HDTV projection screen now
253088-HDTV Grey XH600V 16:9 92" $690.00 Purchase the 253088-HDTV projection screen now
253075-AV Grey XH600V 1:1 99" $754.00 Purchase the 253075-AV projection screen now
253051-AV CineFlex CH1200V 1:1 99" $864.00 Purchase the 253051-AV projection screen now
253027-AV Pearl White CH1900V 1:1 99" $772.00 Purchase the 253027-AV projection screen now
253003-AV Matt White XT1000V 1:1 99" $715.00 Purchase the 253003-AV projection screen now
253012-NTSC Matt White XT1000V 4:3 100" $653.00 Purchase the 253012-NTSC projection screen now
253036-NTSC Pearl White CH1900V 4:3 100" $705.00 Purchase the 253036-NTSC projection screen now
253060-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 100" $790.00 Purchase the 253060-NTSC projection screen now
253084-NTSC Grey XH600V 4:3 100" $689.00 Purchase the 253084-NTSC projection screen now
253089-HDTV Grey XH600V 16:9 106" $856.00 Purchase the 253089-HDTV projection screen now
253065-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 106" $982.00 Purchase the 253065-HDTV projection screen now
253041-HDTV Pearl White CH1900V 16:9 106" $876.00 Purchase the 253041-HDTV projection screen now
253017-HDTV Matt White XT1000V 16:9 106" $811.00 Purchase the 253017-HDTV projection screen now

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