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Draper Truss-Style Cinefold Projector Screen

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  • Extra rigid truss-style frame.
  • New scratch-resistant finish in silver powder coat. Black powder coat finish is also available.
  • Frames and legs constructed of parallel sections of 1" square anodized aluminum tubing, arc welded to form a 6" wide truss.
  • Special frame stiffener is attached at every horizontal hinge.
  • Furnished with 6" wide black borders to completely conceal truss frame.
  • Assembly is quick and easy with handy cranks.
  • Includes truss frame and legs, snap-on-surface with protective soft case, heavy-duty leg stabilizers and frame stiffeners.
  • Formats available for NTSC or HDTV video or general AV use.
  • Includes rugged, molded polyethylene carrying cases with wheels.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available.

Overview: Projection screens for virtually any size presentation!

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
221058-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 247" $4,869.00 Purchase the 221058-HDTV projection screen now
221050-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 247" $3,677.00 Purchase the 221050-HDTV projection screen now
221051-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 275" $4,691.00 Purchase the 221051-HDTV projection screen now
221059-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 275" $5,990.00 Purchase the 221059-HDTV projection screen now
221032-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 300" $6,844.00 Purchase the 221032-NTSC projection screen now
221010-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 300" $5,032.00 Purchase the 221010-NTSC projection screen now
221060-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 330" $7,377.00 Purchase the 221060-HDTV projection screen now
221052-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 330" $5,426.00 Purchase the 221052-HDTV projection screen now
221011-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 360" $7,852.00 Purchase the 221011-NTSC projection screen now
221033-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 360" $8,829.00 Purchase the 221033-NTSC projection screen now

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