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Draper Diplomat Projector Screen

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  • This portable projection screen combines simplicity of design, rugged components, and careful workmanship.
  • Easy setup.
  • Exclusive Bell Leg Lock protects the sturdy gabled aluminum legs during storage and transportation. Eliminates all risk of bent or broken legs. Releases easily for setup.
  • One-hand case adjustment makes the Diplomat a pleasure to use.
  • Suspension slat saddle in all sizes maintains a flat viewing surface.
  • Black case with matching endcaps.
  • Black PVC-backed 600-denier polyester zippered carrying case is optionally available.
  • Depending on surface, available in sizes through 96" x 96" and 10' NTSC.
  • NTSC format screens have black borders on all four sides.
  • Built-in keystone eliminator extends 18". Hidden when not in use.
  • Optional skirts to dress-up your presentation.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

Overview: Finest tripod projection screens in the world. Heavy gauge components and built-in keystone eliminator.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
213011-AV Glass Beaded 1:1 71" $149 Purchase the 213011-AV projection screen now
213001-AV Flexible Matt White 1:1 71" $120 Purchase the 213001-AV projection screen now
213021-AV High Contrast Grey 1:1 71" $149 Purchase the 213021-AV projection screen now
213017-NTSC Glass Beaded 4:3 71" $165 Purchase the 213017-NTSC projection screen now
213007-NTSC Flexible Matt White 4:3 71" $136 Purchase the 213007-NTSC projection screen now
213027-NTSC High Contrast Grey 4:3 71" $165 Purchase the 213027-NTSC projection screen now
213008-NTSC Flexible Matt White 4:3 83" $146 Purchase the 213008-NTSC projection screen now
213018-NTSC Glass Beaded 4:3 83" $178 Purchase the 213018-NTSC projection screen now
213028-NTSC High Contrast Grey 4:3 83" $178 Purchase the 213028-NTSC projection screen now
213002-AV Flexible Matt White 1:1 85" $136 Purchase the 213002-AV projection screen now
213012-AV Glass Beaded 1:1 85" $165 Purchase the 213012-AV projection screen now
213022-AV High Contrast Grey 1:1 85" $165 Purchase the 213022-AV projection screen now
213003-AV Flexible Matt White 1:1 99" $146 Purchase the 213003-AV projection screen now
213013-AV Glass Beaded 1:1 99" $178 Purchase the 213013-AV projection screen now
213023-AV High Contrast Grey 1:1 99" $178 Purchase the 213023-AV projection screen now
213019-NTSC Glass Beaded 4:3 100" $281 Purchase the 213019-NTSC projection screen now
213009-NTSC Flexible Matt White 4:3 100" $220 Purchase the 213009-NTSC projection screen now
213029-NTSC High Contrast Grey 4:3 100" $281 Purchase the 213029-NTSC projection screen now
213030-NTSC High Contrast Grey 4:3 115" $303 Purchase the 213030-NTSC projection screen now
213020-NTSC Glass Beaded 4:3 115" $303 Purchase the 213020-NTSC projection screen now

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