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Da-Lite Business Projection Screens for Projectors
Da-Lite Projection Screens

Introducing Da-Lite Screens HD Progressive Surface
Surface matters. Da-Lite's HD Progressive screen surface delivers the clearest, most vibrant images for your home theater. The chemical formula for Da-Lite's HD Progressive line of projection surfaces is designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the image being projected.

Many screen surfaces look like varying grains of sandpaper with microscopic variations. This causes pixel loss and "noise" because the surface isnít able to perfectly reflect the projected image. With high resolution HD projectors, pixel preservation is even more imperative for optimizing image clarity.

Da-Lite HD Progressive surface is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances allowing the screen to essentially disappear. The result is brilliant light, vibrant color and the best surface for HD, 4K and Ultra HD projection. Available on tensioned and fixed frame screens.
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