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  • ME75B pic 1
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  • ME75B pic 3
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! The Samsung ME75B is no longer available!

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Samsung ME75B LED display specs:

Samsung ME75B LED display spec sheet
Screen Size: 75 inches diag.
Compatibility: 1080p native
Native Res.: 1080p
Colors: 1.07 billion colors
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Edge LED technology
  • Slim and light design
  • Embedded media player
  • Low power consumption means lower running costs
  • Contrast Ratio: 5,000:1
    Dimensions: 66.07in W 37.74in H 1.96in D
    Weight: 97.22 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
    LED TV Uses: Just seen at InfoComm - 75" LED coming soon!

    Samsung ME75B LED display details:

    Samsung LED display ME75B

    Edge LED technology
    Samsung Edge LED solution utilises LED lamps around the edge of the panel so the LEDs emit light on the side of the panel. This results in a much thinner screen that requires fewer lamps meaning reduced power consumption and less heat generated.

    Slim and light design
    Youíll find the new Samsung LED LFD is lighter than previous LFD models. Yet it offers heavy weight communication solutions for any modern business looking to convey concise marketing or educational messages. With a quick and easy installation, setting up your business LFD can be achieved in minutes and with the inimum of fuss. Its lightweight design means that it requires less support to hold it up, and can also be conveniently moved about with its easy-to-carry dimensions. The edge type design allows the unique slimness, which means less space is needed for the unit. This innovative thinking is all wrapped up in a contemporary design that will also add a touch of sophistication to your overall messaging.

    Low power consumption means lower running costs
    The Samsung ME series delivers a cost-effective solution thatís also gentle on the planet. The LED technology driving the LFD consumes less energy than conventional CCFL-based LFD and is lower on CO2 emissions.Plus, you can optimise the conditions of your digital signage by reducing the amount of heat radiating through the actual display area. Conventional LFDs emit consistent amounts of heat across the breadth of the display, while the new Samsung LFD not only minimise it but centralise it around the sides of the screen. This proves helpful in creating a more enjoyable environment to be in, especially when working in close proximity to the displays.

    Embedded media player
    In your day-to-day work, itís a constant challenge to make sure your messages are noticed quickly with maximum impact. With the built-in media player for your Samsung LFD, you can elevate your display capabilities more than you ever thought possible.

    Built within a microchip the media player has a CPU with a powerful processing speed and an impressive cache size. This means you can store and play advertisements, instructional films and animatics quickly and conveniently.

    MagicInfo Lite: scheduling function, auto play function
    The inclusion of our Samsung MagicInfo Lite software enables you to run the LFD as a stand alone unit without the need of additional players, display and schedule Flash or play a PowerPoint slide show and image files for increased versatility. Its features include Network Schedule, Network Schedule Manager, Local Schedule, Local Schedule Manager, Contents Manager, Internal AutoPlay and USB AutoPlay.

    Auto brightness sensor
    The brightness sensor detects the ambient light intensity and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

    Ethernet / RS-232C remote control
    The ME series lets you control your display with both Ethernet / RS-232C remote control simultaneously. Whatís more it features a built-in LAN card, allowing users to access the network without the need for additional devices or infrastructure.

    Items included with the Samsung ME75B:

    Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Card,Application CD, Power Cord,Remote Controller, Batteries, D-Sub cableRS232C to Stereo Gender in/out Cable.
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