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Sharp PN-R603 LED

Clothing retailers, Shopping malls, Entertainment venues, Museums, Stadiums, Exhibit halls
LED for 24/7 digital signage operation
60" Diagonal, 1080p, 4000:1 contrast

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Sharp PN-R603 LED display specs:

Sharp PN-R603 LED display spec sheet
Screen Size: 60 inches diag.
Compatibility: 1920 x 1080 - 1080p native resolution
Native Res.: 1080p
Colors: 1.06 billion colors
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Features: Smarter, Simpler Digital Signage
Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
Dimensions: 54in W 32in H 2in D
Weight: 70.5 lbs.
Warranty: 3-Year Onsite Limited Warranty; 24/7 Certified
LED TV Uses: Clothing retailers, Shopping malls, Entertainment venues, Museums, Stadiums, Exhibit halls

Sharp PN-R603 LED display details:

Sharp LED display PN-R603

Sharp PN-R603: Slim, Lightweight and Energy-Efficient

Sharp’s PN-R603 professional displays have the thin profile, high brightness, and low power consumption to accommodate a wide range of indoor digital signage applications. Exceptionally thin and lightweight, these streamlined displays measure only 1.55" at their thickest point, making for easy, eye-pleasing installation. And with 700 cd/m2 brightness and edge-lit LED backlighting, PN-R603 displays can be counted on for reliable, energy-efficient operation around the clock.

Thin, Lightweight Design
The PN-R603 displays owe their exceptionally thin profiles to edge-lit LED backlighting, which utilizes LED elements located along the edges of the panel. Measuring only 1.6" at their thickest and weighing only 70.5 ˝ lbs., this display is easy to install almost anywhere, in either landscape or portrait mode.

Professional-Grade Image Quality
This 60-inch display incorporates Sharp’s UV2A technology, which ensures highly efficient use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage for the display of truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. A brightness of 700 cd/m2 further ensures bright, professional-grade imagery.

Energy Efficient
Edge-lit LED backlighting on PN-R603 displays helps ensure reliable performance with low power consumption. In fact, PN-R603 displays consume up to 50% less energy than conventional CCFL-backlight displays.* And the PN-R603 conforms to ENERGY STAR® standards.

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