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Testimonials and Case Studies : Don


Rating: Don: "Two thumbs up, Visual Apex!!"
Visual Apex business Projector - Panasonic PT-AE4000U Don came to Visual Apex with a vision for his perfect home theater, He was not disappointed.

Projector: Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector


Don Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector photos
Case Study:

Visual Apex has hit a home run with the Panasonic PT-AE4000U and screen package. The projector itself is remarkable for the price. I have priced and seen projectors from low end to high end RUNCO ! The image is crystal clear even with normal to lower theater lighting. The screen I chose was the 120" diagonal. Using the graph on the website to gage the distance the projector should be from the screen was a snap. I have not changed a thing to the image coming right out of the box with factory settings. For me the "Dynamic" video setting on the projector was the most impressive. The screen kit was incredibly easy even a monkey could put it together. All pieces were heavy extruded aluminum and the screen was a HEAVY vinyl material which allowed assembly to go smoothly. The directions and the website video were invaluable. I am thrilled with the product support and customer care that I received. The theater itself is a Sci Fi / Star Trek based theme. Its 19' deep by 22' located in my basement. The house support beam was incorporated into the theme for I wanted to have that Bridge structural feel while having the theater feel warm and comfortable. The equipment I used was of course the Visual Apex Panasonic PT-AE4000U / screen package (120" Dia.). The speakers are KEF iQ90 towers for the front and the iQ60 center along with 4 Bose 301 bookshelf speakers for the surrounds and a 12" Sony sub all powered by a Sony 1000 receiver and Panasonic Blu-Ray player. The ceiling is 1500 points of light fiber optic star field reflecting the December night sky. The light source is a projector from DEL-LIGHTING out of Texas. The floating riser has a CLARK Tactile Transducer bolted to it allowing that seat of your pants feel. The tall side acoustic panels where custom made by me and hinged conceiling 5, 2' X6' DVD storage compartments behind them. I am not a professional contractor just an avid home theater enthusiast. The biggest thing to doing a projector like this is getting the blessing from the wife for it is labor intensive but a labor of love. Don't settle for what you want and you DON"T have to break the bank in building a theater. If you would like more info about the projector set up and the theater itself contact me. dcartier@earthlink.net Again , A BIG thank you for Visual Apex.

Added September 1, 2011

And finally, The round opening will be the Stargate coming in from the TOMB ROOM. It will be complete with animation and sound effects. The entrance outside the tomb will be sliding doors that will look like rock and as they open will sound like HEAVY sliding rock. Still a few things to add for display in the model room. The room is more of an art gallery with very rare collectable posters and autographs. Of course the robot does speak when powered. All the work was done by me, including the custom picture frames.


Visual Apex, thanks for all the help. I would definitely recommend Visual Apex to others and I already have... Your prices were excellent and staff was most helpful. Two thumbs up!!