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Epic Midi 175 BC Epic Midi 175 - Cherry

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Epic_Midi_175_BC - Epic Midi 175 - Cherry

Epic Midi 175 Home Theater Speakers - 5.1

Manufacturer only return and repair
Backed by Axiom's exclusive 30 days with a money-back guarantee! If Axiom loudspeakers do not surpass your highest expectations, send them back to Axiom within 30 days and they will give you a refund. No questions asked. Please be sure to keep all original packaging for returning your loudspeakers. If you do not have original packaging, please contact us. Please call 1-866-244-8796 or e-mail advice@axiomaudio.com for a Return Authorization Code to ensure that your credit can be issued promptly upon return of your loudspeakers. Since we've included shipping in our costs, we only ask that you pay the return freight.

Boston Cherry with Black GrilleThe Epic Midi / 175 system provides a level of sonic transparency and detailed, uncolored musical sound that is unprecedented in a moderately priced home theater system. This system's larger EP175 powered subwoofer, with its 175-watt internal amplifier and 10-inch aluminum-cone woofer, lets you use it in living rooms of 2,100 cu. ft. or a bit larger.

The critically acclaimed M2 bookshelf speakers, praised by critics and customers alike for their transparent, nuanced and neutral music reproduction - each use a single 5.25-inch woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter - exactly the same drivers that the celebrated M22 and floorstanding M60 and M80 tower speakers use for upper bass, midrange and treble. So it's no surprise that the M2 presents a soundstage of compelling width and depth. The EP175 powered subwoofer extends the M2's musical range into the lower octaves to frequencies at the bass limit of most musical instruments (the bottom note on a grand piano is at 28 Hz).

The VP100 center channel focuses dialog and is tonally identical to the M2's because it uses the same dual aluminum cone woofers as the M2's. These create a seamless blend between center, mains and surrounds, with plenty of depth and a spacious 3-dimensional soundstage. This system also delivers amazingly clear, natural movie soundtrack and music playback from DVDs, CDs, even LPs.

The QS4 quadpolar surround speakers each use four drivers firing in four different directions to create a remarkable audio illusion. They produce ultra-realistic envelopment in effects and location sounds from 5.1 channel movie soundtracks. Thunder, rainstorms and jungle scenes heard from the QS4s will put you in that environment, so complete is the surround effect. Fronts, center and surrounds can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted.

Music reproduction via DVD-Audio or SACD discs or from CDs processed through Dolby Pro LogicII is as thrilling and enjoyable as ambient soundtrack effects. You may well discover new listening experiences with the Epic Midi / 175 system and your existing collection of CDs.


Enclosure: Vortex / Reflex
Max Amp Power: 150Watts
Min Amp Power: 15Watts
Freq Resp +/-3db (Hz): 70 - 22 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz): 60 - 22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms): 8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(db): 91 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db): 87 db
X-Over: 2.7 kHz
Tweeter: Single 1"
Woofer: Single 5.25"
Sub Woofer:
Dimensions H W D (inches): 11.5" x 7.5" x 8.5"
Dimensions H W D (mm): 292 x 191 x 216
Weight (lbs) each: 11.2 lbs
Weight (kg) each: 5.080 kg
Enclosure: Acoustic Suspension
Max Amp Power: 175 Watts
Min Amp Power: 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3db (Hz): 100 - 22 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz): 80 - 22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms): 8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(db): 94 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db): 90 dB
X-Over: 4.3 kHz
Tweeter: Dual 1"
Woofer: Dual 4 "
Sub Woofer:
Dimens. H W D (inches): 6.25" x 9.5 " x 6"
Dimens. H W D (mm): 159 x 241 x 152
Weight (lbs) each: 9.4 lbs
Weight (kg) each: 4.264 kg
Enclosure: Acoustic Suspension
Max Amp Power: 200 Watts
Min Amp Power: 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3db (Hz): 95-22 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz): 65-22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms): 8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(db): 93 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db): 89 dB
X-Over: 2.7 kHz
Tweeter: Single 1"
Woofer: Dual 5.25"
Dimens. H W D (inches): 7.5" x 17" x 7.5"
Dimens. H W D (mm): 191 x 432 x 191
Weight (lbs) each: 14.1 lbs
Weight (kg) each: 6.396 kg
Enclosure: Dual Vortex / Reflex
Max Amp Power: 175 Watts
Cross-over Adjust: 60 - 120
Phase: 0 & 180
Woofer Size: 10"
DSP Controlled: No
Line In and Out: Yes
Balanced Line In and Out: Yes
High Level In: Yes
Room Trim: No
Dynamic Power Supply: No
Anechoic Resp. +/- 1.5dB:
Anechoic Resp. +/- 3dB: 32 - 150
Room Resp. + 3dB/- 9dB: 22 - 150
Max SPL Anechoic: 105 dB
Max SPL In Room: 116 dB
Dimensions HWD inches : 17" x 13.5" x 13.5"
Dimensions HWD mm : 432 x 343 x 343
Weight (lbs) each: 36.5 lbs
Weight (kg) each: 16.556 kg