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 CABLE-DVIDDL-3MBK pricing and specifications

CABLE-DVIDDL-3MBK DVI-D Dual Link Cable - Blk -3M

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CABLE-DVIDDL-3MBK - DVI-D Dual Link Cable - Blk -3M

DVI-D Dual Link Digital Video Cable

Length: 3 Meter (9.84 ft.)
Color: Black

DVI-D is a digital only video connection. DVI-D Dual Link can support up to 2048 x 1596 at 60 Hz. DVI cables are used with new video cards for higher resolution over VGA. They are also used with DVD players, HD cable and satellite receivers, HDTV tuners and other digital video components to connect to displays/monitors and projectors with digital video inputs.

Maximum length of cable for the DVI standard specification is 5 meters (16.4ft.). Cables are made longer but run the risk of signal interference or degradation.

The Difference Between Single Link and Dual Link
The primary difference between Single Link and Dual link is that each supports varying resolution levels.
  • DVI-D Single link: Up to 1920x1080
  • DVI-D Dual link: Up to 2048x1596
Single Link DVI is constructed of four twisted pairs of wire (Red, Green, Blue and Clock) that transmit 24 bits per pixel, almost exactly matching an analong video signal. Display modes requiring bandwith up to and including 165 MHz can use Single Link DVI.

Dual Link DVI adds an additional set of twisted pairs for Red, Green and Blue. For display modes that exceed bandwidth of 165 MHz, a Dual Link DVI cable will take advantage of both links to transmit the video signal.