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EPPFTPA1 1 Year Extended Warranty

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EPPFTPA1 - 1 Year Extended Warranty

During the standard limited warranty period, your Epson product is backed by Epson's premium level of service and support. Epson offers a variety of Epson Preferred Plus Protection Plans that will allow you to continue receiving Epson's high level of service and support after your normal warranty period has ended. With the purchase of this Epson Preferred Plus Protection Plan for your product, you'll continue to have access to Epson's high level of service and support, including access to our toll-free priority technical support line.

1-Year Repair/Exchange - Extended Service Plan Benefits

The Epson Preferred Plus Protection Plan provides the following benefits:
  • Toll-free technical support
  • One (1) year repair or exchange plan with Epson's premium level of service and support
  • Available for new or refurbished Epson products see list of eligible products below

Powerlite S11, Powerlite X11, Presenter, Powerlite 92, Powerlite 93, Powerlite 95, Powerlite 96W, Powerlite 905, Powerlite 915, Powerlite 410w, Powerlite 450w, Powerlite 460w, BrightLink 455wi, Powerlite 1750, Powerlite 1760W, Powerlite 1770W, Powerlite 1775W, Powerlite 1835, Powerlite 1850w, Powerlite 1880, Powerlite 1915, Powerlite 1925w

  • This standard Extended Fast Turn Depot Service Agreement extends the limited warranty for one year on your Epson multimedia projector. You must purchase this agreement before warranty expiration.
  • You must activate your registration within 30 days of purchase
  • Available only in the United States (excluding U.S. Possessions) and Canada
  • Prices and terms are subject to change without notice