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ELS-42 Jelco ELS-42 for Monitors

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ELS-42 - Jelco ELS-42 for Monitors

EZ-LIFT Shipping and Display Lift Case for 42" Flat Screen with SMART Overlay: 54"H x 53"W x 22"D - ELS-42

JELCO's EZ-LIFT, the original non-electric lift case, makes shipping, displaying, and protection of your large flat screen monitors practical and cost-effective. The EZ-LIFT mechanism gently raises the large flat screen monitor into viewing position. The EZ-LIFT case can easily be moved from room to room by only one person, and doesn't require electrical power. Each EZ-LIFT case is customized specifically to protect your particular equipment model. EZ-LIFT is ideal for rapid-setup applications including: corporate conference rooms, tradeshows, rentals, military installations, classroom use, hospitality, courtrooms and more. When ordering, please provide the brand and model of the monitor to ensure correct fit.

Key Features
  • Built to Order. Fits 42" Flat Screen with SMART Overlay. Please provide brand and model of flat screen to ensure correct fit.
  • Designed for use with a flat panel display and SMART Overlay.
  • Attractive, non-obtrusive rugged lift system built to withstand everyday use from the boardroom to the classroom to the battlefield.
  • EZ-LIFT® is shock mounted with a fully foamed case interior for added protection during movement.
  • Locks in the down position for storage and shipping.
  • One person set-up and take down
  • Made in the USA
5 year Limited Warranty on lift system, 1 year Limited Warranty on EZ-LIFT Case.

Jelco ELS-42 Compatibility Chart for Monitors
Barco Monitors
LCN-42, LCS-42, LC-42
BenQ Monitors
Clarity Monitors
Bobcat, Bobcat X (SN-4045-WX)
Dell Monitors
W4200, W4201C
Electrograph Monitors
Fujitsu Monitors
P42VCA21UH, PDS4233, PDS4212, PDS4211, P42XTA51US, P42XTA51UB, P42XHA58EB, P42VCA51WH, P42HCA51WH, P42HCA11WH, AVIAMO P37FT05AUB, P42VHA51WS
Fujitsu General Monitors
PDS4222, PDS4211, PDS4242, PDS4241, PDS4233, PDS4229, P42HCA11WH, PDS4212, PDS4214, PDS4209, P42VCA21UH, PDS4221
Hitachi Monitors
UT47V702, UT47X902, CMP4221U, CMP4212, CMP4211, CMP420V2, CMP420V1
Hyundai Monitors
JVC Monitors
LT-46J300, LT-46P300
LG Monitors
M4712C, 47LH55, M4712C-BA, M4710C-BA, M4212C-BH, M4210C-BA, M4201C, M4200N-B10, 47LH40, 47LH30, 47LG90, 47LG70, 47LG60, 47LH50, 47LG50, 47LF11
Mitsubishi Monitors
LT-40133, MDT461S, LT-40134, LDT461V, LDT421V, MDT402S
NEC Monitors
MultiSyncLCD5220-IT, MultiSync LCD4010-IT, Multeos M40-AV, Multeos M40-AVT, Multeos M40-IT, Multeos M46-AV, Multeos M46-AVT, Multeos M46-IT, MultiSync LCD4020-AV, MultiSync LCD4020-IT, MultiSync LCD4610-IT, MultiSync LCD4615, MultiSync LCD4620-AV, MultiSync LCD5220-IT, MP2, P42XP10-BK, PV46-AVT, MultiSync LCD4620-IT, 42VM5, MP4, 42MP1, MP3, 42VP4, 42VP4D, 42VR5, 42XM2, 42XM4, 42XR3, 42XR5, LCD 4000, LCD 4010, LCD 4610, M40, M46-2-AV, M46-2-AVT, 42XM5, 4210W
Norcent Monitors
NuVision Monitors
Lucidium NVU47DCM
Olevia Monitors
LT42HVI, 437V, 342i, 247T FHD, 247T, 237V, 242V
Panasonic Monitors
TH-42PWD3U, TH-42PH10UK, TH-42PHD5UY, TH-42PHD6UY, TH-42PHD7UY, TH-46PZ85U, TH-42PHD8UK, TH42PWD7UY, TH-50PZ85U, TH-46PZ850U, TH-46PZ80U, TH-42PZ800U, TH-42PZ700U, TH-42PWDP1, TH-42PWD8UK, TH-42PWD6UY, TH-42PS9UK, TH-42PWD5UY, TH-42PWD4UY, TH-42PWDP2, TH42PH9UK
Philips Monitors
37PF7321D, 47PFL7603D/27, 47PFL7403D-F7, 47PFL7403D-27, 47PFL5603D-F7, 47PFL5603D-27, 47PFL3603D-27, 47PFL3603D-F7
Philips Magnavox Monitors
Pioneer Monitors
PDP-433MXE, PDP-434CMX, PDP-4330HD, PDP-425CMX, PDP-433CMX
RCA Monitors
L40HD33D, L46FHD37, L46FHD38, L46WD22, Scenium L46WD250
Runco Monitors
PlasmaWall Crystal Portfolio CX-47, WP-42HD, CX-46HD, Crystal Portfolio CX-OPAL47
Samsung Monitors
LN46A750, PPM 42S2, PPM42M6H, SyncMaster 460PN, PPM 42M5S, PPM 42M5H, PPM 42H3, LN46A950, LN46A860, LN46A850, SyncMaster 460P, 400DX, LN46A630, SyncMaster 400P, 400P, 400PX, LN-46A550, LN-S4041D, LN-T4042H, LN-T4665F, LN46A540, LN46A530, LN-46A650
Sanyo Monitors
Sceptre Monitors
X37SV-Naga w/side speakers, X46BV-FullHD, X46BV-1080p, X46BE-1080p, X46BM-1080p
Sharp Monitors
PN-455RU, AQUOS LC-46BD80U, PN-465UP, PN-465U, PN-455RUP, AQUOS LC-C4655U, AQUOS LC-46E77U, AQUOS LC-46D65U, AQUOS LC-46D85U
Sony Monitors
KDL-40SL1409BR, PFM-42X1, PFM-42V1, PFM-42PV1/S, PFM-42B2, PFM-42B1, BRAVIA KDL-46V5100, KDL-46W4100, PFM-42X1-S, KDL-46V4100, KDL-46S4100, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-93, KDL-40BR7, BRAVIA KDL-46W4150, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-92, BRAVIA KDL-46S5100, BRAVIA KDL-46V4100, BRAVIA KDL-46W4100, FWD 42PX2, FWD-40LX1, FWD-42PV1, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-91
TEK Monitors
TP370, 42ST6VO
Toshiba Monitors
P42LHA, 46XF550U, 46RV525R, 46RV525U
Vidikron Monitors
Dview VL-46
Viewsonic Monitors
N4785p, N4790p, VPW4255
Vizio Monitors
Westinghouse Monitors
VK-40F580D, LVM-47w1, SK-40H590D, TX-47F450S

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