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 ELS-50 pricing and specifications

ELS-50 Jelco ELS-50 for Monitors

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ELS-50 - Jelco ELS-50 for Monitors

EZ-LIFT Shipping and Display Lift Case for 50" Flat screen with SMART Overlay: 56"H x 61"W x 22"D - ELS-50

JELCO's EZ-LIFT, the original non-electric lift case, makes shipping, displaying, and protection of your large flat screen monitors practical and cost-effective. The EZ-LIFT mechanism gently raises the large flat screen monitor into viewing position. The EZ-LIFT case can easily be moved from room to room by only one person, and doesn't require electrical power. Each EZ-LIFT case is customized specifically to protect your particular equipment model. EZ-LIFT is ideal for rapid-setup applications including: corporate conference rooms, tradeshows, rentals, military installations, classroom use, hospitality, courtrooms and more. When ordering, please provide the brand and model of the monitor to ensure correct fit.

Key Features
  • Built to Order. Fits 50" Flat Screen with SMART Overlay. Please provide brand and model of flat screen to ensure correct fit.
  • Designed for use with a flat panel display and SMART Overlay.
  • EZ-LIFT® is shock mounted with a fully foamed case interior for added protection during movement.
  • Attractive, non-obtrusive rugged lift system built to withstand everyday use from the boardroom to the classroom to the battlefield.
  • Locks in the down position for storage and shipping.
  • One person set-up and take down
  • Made in the USA
5 year Limited Warranty on lift system, 1 year Limited Warranty on EZ-LIFT Case.

Jelco ELS-50 Compatibility Chart for Monitors
Barco Monitors
Clarity Monitors
Bay Cat X
Dell Monitors
Electrograph Monitors
Fujitsu Monitors
P50XTA51US, PDS5004, PDS5003, P55XTA51UB, P50XTA51UB, P50XHA58EB, P50XCA30WH, P50XCA11UH, AVIAMO P50FT00AUB w/tuner box, P55XTA51US
Fujitsu General Monitors
P50XCA11UH, PDS5001, PDS5002, PDS5003, PDS5004
Hitachi Monitors
JVC Monitors
GM-X50U, GD-V501, GD-V502
LG Monitors
55LH40, PPM 50M7H, M5201, 52LG70, 52LG60, 52LG50, 52LBX, 520DXN, 50PM1M, 50PC5DC, MU-50PZ90
Marantz Monitors
Maxent Monitors
MX-42HPM30, MX-5020HPM, MX-50HPT51, MX-50X5
Mitsubishi Monitors
LDT521V, LDTV152, 56P-QF60LCU, LDT521L
NEC Monitors
PX-5000W, PX-50XR6, PX-50XM4A, PlasmaSync 50XR6, P50XP10BK, MultiSync LCD5710-IT, MultiSync LCD5710-2-IT, M46, LCD5710-2-AV, 50XR4, 50XM6, 50XM5, 50XM4A, 50XM4, 50XM3, 50MP2, 50MP1, 5000W, LCD5220-AV, PX-50XR5
NuVision Monitors
Lucidium NVU52DCM
Olevia Monitors
252T, 747I, 742I, 255T FHD, 252T FHD, 255T
Panasonic Monitors
TH-50PHD6UY, 50PHD5UY, 50PHD6UY, TH-50PF10UK, TH-50PF9UK, TH-50PH10UK, TH-50PH9UK, TH-50PHD3U, TH-50PHD7UY, TH-50PHD8UK, TH-50PZ800U, TH-50PZ850U, TH-50PHD5UY
Philips Monitors
52PFL5603D/F7, BDH5011, 52PFL7403D-27, 52PFL5603D-F7, 52PFL3603D/F7, 52PFL3603D-F7, 52PFL7403D-F7
Pioneer Monitors
PDP-504CMX, PDP-5070HD, PRO-1140HD, PDP-5080HD, PDP-507CMX, PDP-502MX, PDP-505HD, PDP-5045HD, PDP-503MXE, PDP-503CMX, PDP-505CMX
Planar Monitors
Bay Cat X (SN-4620-1080)
Runco Monitors
CX-52HD, CX-57HD
Samsung Monitors
PPM 50H2, PPM 50M5H, LN52A750, PPM 50H3, LN55A950, LN52A860, LN52A850, PPM 50M6H, 570DXn, LN52A630, 460PXn, LN-52A550, PPM 50H3Q, LN-52A650, LN-T5265F, LN52A530, LN52A540, 460PX
Sanyo Monitors
Sharp Monitors
AQUOS LC-52XS1U-S w/BTM speakers, PN-525U, PN-S525P, PN-S525, PN-525UP, LC-52D43U, AQUOS LC-52XS1U-S, AQUOS LC-52E77U, AQUOS LC-52BD80U, LC-C5262U
Sony Monitors
GXDL52H1, BRAVIA KDL-52S5100, KDL-52XBR6, KDL-52WL140, PFM-50C1, KDL-52W4100, KDL-52V4100, KDL-52S4100, KDL-46XBR8, BRAVIA KDL-52S4100, FWD-50PX2S, FWD-50PX2B, FWD-50PX2, FWD-50PX1, BRAVIA KDL-52XBR7, BRAVIA KDL-52V5100, FWD50PX1, BRAVIA KDL-52W4100
Toshiba Monitors
Vidikron Monitors
Dview VL-52, Dview VL-57
Viewsonic Monitors
Vizio Monitors
Westinghouse Monitors