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 JEL-1312RP pricing and specifications

JEL-1312RP Jelco JEL-1312RP for Projectors

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JEL-1312RP - Jelco JEL-1312RP for Projectors

Jelco Projector Padded Hard Side Wheel Case with Removable Laptop Case: 11"H x 22"W x 14"D - JEL-1312RP

Easily transport your projector and laptop with you everywhere your business takes you. JELCO's exclusive removable pocket (RP) feature allows you to remove the exterior laptop case when you want to use your computer at your seat on the plane, or for trips when you don't need to carry a laptop. The RP Series gives you "two cases in one!" Road warriors appreciate the durability, and ease of use of JELCO's RP Series which also include an extension handle that extends and locks at up to 43" as well as a pull out extension platform for added stability and extra items that may need to be carried.

Key Features
  • Carry-on wheeled bag for the projector with removable zip-off laptop case.
  • Laptop Case is Checkpoint friendly.
  • Generous inside accessory area for cords, cables and a compartment for a Zip drive or small video camera.
  • Non-slip extension handle locks at 36" and 43" with one hand for travel convenience.
  • Ball bearing skate wheels glide smoothly over all surfaces.
  • Extension platform prevents forward tipping and allows for extra items that may need to be carried.
  • Meets the latest airline carry-on restrictions.
  • Made in the USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Jelco JEL-1312RP Compatibility Chart for Projectors
3M Projectors
S10, S20, X62w, X68, X75, H10
BenQ Projectors
PB8250, PB8263, PB8253, PB8240, PB8140, PB8260
Boxlight Projectors
PRO2020, CP718e, Seattle X35N, Seattle X30N, Seattle X26N, Seattle WX25N, CP-15t, CP-14t, CP-10t, CP-07t, BEACON, CP-745e, Seattle X22N
Canon Projectors
LV-7260, XEED SX60, XEED SX6, REALiS X700, REALIS X600, REALIS SX60, REALiS SX6, LV-X7, LV-X6, LV-7365, LV-7265, LV-7255, LV-7250, LV-5300, XEED X600, LV-7300
Compaq Projectors
Dell Projectors
4100MP, 5100MP
Dukane Projectors
ImagePro 8911, ImagePro 8915, ImagePro 8779, ImagePro 8777, ImagePro 8775, ImagePro 8774, ImagePro 8772, ImagePro 8771, ImagePro 8769, ImagePro 8767A, ImagePro 8761, ImagePro 8760, ImagePro 8758, ImagePro 8301-RJ, ImagePro 8301, ImagePro 8077A, ImagePro 8070, 8077, ImagePro 8768
EIKI Projectors
EIP-1600T, EIP-3000N, EIP-3000NA
Epson Projectors
PowerLite 821p, PowerLite S3, PowerLite 81p, PowerLite S4
Hitachi Projectors
CP-SX5600, CP-SX5600W, CP-X256, CP-X268A
InFocus Projectors
LP 630, X16, X17
Mitsubishi Projectors
SD510U, EX51U, EX53E, EX53U, HC1500, HC1600, XD520U, SD280U, XL650U, XD520U-G, XD510U-G, XD510U, XD500U-ST, XD500U-G, XD250U-G, XD250U, WD510U-G, WD510U, WD500U-ST, XD500U, SD280U-G, XD530U
NEC Projectors
VT700, VT 470, VT 540, VT 570, VT 650, VT 670, VT491, VT 440, LT 240K, VT 770, HT 1100, LT 260, HT 100, LT 380, LT 220, LT 240, LT 245, LT 260K, LT 265
Optoma Projectors
TXR774, EzPro 738, EzPro 739, EzPro 741, EzPro 745, H27, EP 770
Panasonic Projectors
PT-L730NTU, PT-L520U, PT-L720U
Philips Projectors
bSure SV2, bSure XG1, bSure XG2, cClear SV1, LC3131, LC3136, LC3141, LC3142
PLUS Projectors
U7-132, V-339, V-332, U7-137SF, U7-137, U7-132SF, U7-132h, U7-132hSF
Proxima Projectors
Sanyo Projectors
Sharp Projectors
Sony Projectors
ViewSonic Projectors
PJD6230, PJD6220, PJ862, PJ560D, PJ559D, PJ557D
Viewsonic Projectors
PJ513DB, CINE5000, PJD6240, PJ503D

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