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 JEL-PDP42T2 pricing and specifications

JEL-PDP42T2 Jelco JEL-PDP42T2 for Monitors

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JEL-PDP42T2 - Jelco JEL-PDP42T2 for Monitors

Jelco Mid-Sized Road Case for 37"-42" Flat Screen (Room for Detached Speakers) 22"H x 55"W x 43"D - JEL-PDP42T2

With JELCO's JEL-PDP42T2, you can safely and easily ship your 37"-42" monitor for sales calls, tradeshows, rentals, and more. The Mid-size style includes space for detached speakers, but does not accommodate an attached stand. JELCO understands that every monitor is slightly different which is why every JELCO ATA Case is fully lined with industrial grade foam specifically designed to protect your particular equipment model. Your business doesn't stand still, why should your investment? Whether it's just across town or across the country, JELCO cases will get your monitor safely there. Fits most 37"-42" monitors. When ordering, please provide the brand and model number of the monitor to ensure the correct fit.

Key Features
  • Built to Order. Please provide brand and model of flat screen to ensure correct fit.
  • Fits 37"-42" Flat Screen Displays
  • Top Loading Case
  • Heavy duty case built to minimum size requirements offering maximum protection at a reduced cost.
  • Includes storage space for detached speakers and cables.
  • All handles and twistlock latches are recessed to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Made in the USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Jelco JEL-PDP42T2 Compatibility Chart for Monitors
Akai Monitors
PDP 4290, PDP4294, LCT42Z7TA
AKIRA Monitors
SV 4202 IQ, EPM 420A, EPM 420B, SV 4201, SV 4201H
Barco Monitors
Solaris LC40, LCS-47, LCS-42, LCN-42, LC-40, LC-42
BenQ Monitors
VB3732, VJ4211, VL3733, SJ4231, VA371, VA421
BenQ (Acer) Monitors
DV 3750
Christie Monitors
Clarity Monitors
Bobcat, Bobcat X (SN-4045-WX)
Dell Monitors
W3706MC, W4200, W4201C
Dukane Monitors
P37, P42HC, P42A2, P42, P42A
EIKI Monitors
Electrograph Monitors
Envision Monitors
L42W761, L42H761, L37W698
Envision / AOC Monitors
A42W64AT4, A42HD84
Faroudja Monitors
Fujitsu Monitors
P42XTA51US, PDS4233, PDS4212, PDS4211, PDS4203, P42XTA51UB, P42XHA58EB, P42HCA11WH, P42VHA20US, P42VCA51WH, P42VCA21UH, P42HHA10WS, P42HCA51WH, P42VHA51WS, PDS4207
Fujitsu General Monitors
PDS4212, PDS4214, PDS4221, PDS4222, PDS4229, PDS4233, PDS4242, PDS4211, P42HCA11WH, PDS4241, PDS4209, PDS4207, PDS4203, P42VHA30WS, P42VHA20US, P42VCA30WH, P42VCA21UH, P42HHA30WS, P42HCA30WH, P42HHA10WS
Gateway Monitors
42ED, 42HD
Hewlett-Packard Monitors
Hitachi Monitors
P42A202, CMP4121HDU, CMP4201, CMP4202, CMP4203, CMP420V1, CMP4211, CMP4120, E370D, CMP420V2, P42H401, P42T501, UT42V702, UT42X902, CMP4221U, 32HDX60, 32HDT50, CMP4212, 32HDT55, CMP402, 42HDF39, 42HDF52, 42HDM12, 42HDM70, CMP307XU, 42HDT50, 42HDT52, 42HDT55, 42HDX60, 42HDX62, 42HDS52
Hyundai Monitors
E425D, E373D, LT-42J300, E423D, E420D, LT-42P300
InFocus Monitors
TD 30
JVC Monitors
LT-42E478, LT-47X788, ML-3731HLT, LT-46SL89, LT-42X688, LT-42WX70, LT-42SL89, LT-42E488, LT-40FH97, GM-V42, GM-H40L2GU, GD-V42u, GD-V4211, GD-463D10U, GD-V4210, LT-40FN97
Kreisen Monitors
LG Monitors
M4200C-BA, M4212, M4210N-B21, M4210C-BA, M4210, 42LH40, M4212C-BA, M4200N-B10, MU-40PA15B, M3200C-BA, M4201C, M4212C-BH, M4710C-BA, M4712C, MU-40PA10B, MU-42PM1M, MU-42PZ41V, MU-42PZ90XC, PZ40 Series, PZ90 Series, RU-32LZ50C, 42PZ10, M4712C-BA, 42LC5DC, 42LH55, 42LB4D, 42LB5D, 42LB5DC, 42LC2D, 42LC7D, 42LF11, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG50, 42LH20, 42LH200C, 42LH30, 42PQ30, 42PM4M, 42LH50, 42LBX, 42PC5D, 42PM1M, 42PM3MV, 42LG70
Magnavox Monitors
42MF230A, 42MF437B, 42MF7000
Marantz Monitors
PD 4240D, PD 4293D
Maxent Monitors
Mitsubishi Monitors
LT-46149, LDTV146, MLM400, MLM300, MDT461S, LT-46246, LT-46244, LT-46144, LT-46133, LDT461V, LDT421V2, LT-46148, LDT421V
NEC Monitors
MP2, MultiSync LCD3735WXM, Multeos M40-AVT, PV40AVT, MultiSync LCD4010-IT, MP3, MultiSync LCD4620-2-IT, M46B-AVT, M46B-AV, M46-2-AVT, MP4, MultiSync LCD4215, MultiSync LCD4620-2-AV, MultiSync LCD4620-AV, MultiSync LCD4620-IT, MultiSync X461UN, P42XP10-BK, P461, PlasmaSync 42XP10, PlasmaSync 42XC10, Multeos M40-AV, M46-2-AV, MultiSync LCD4615, 42XM3, Multeos M40-IT, 4210W, 42MP1, 42PD1, 42PD2, 42PD3, 42VM5, 42VP4, 42VP4D, 42VP5, M40B-AVT, 42XM2, 42XM4, 42XM5, 42XR3, 42XR5, LCD 4610, LCD3735WXM, LCD4215, LCD4620-2-AV, M40-2-AV, M40-2-AVT, M40B-AV, 42VR5
NuVision Monitors
Lucidium NVU42DCM, Lucidium NVU37L
Olevia Monitors
242T, 242T FHD, 42PFL3403D-27, 437V, LT42HVI, 237V
Panasonic Monitors
TH-42PWD5UY, TH-42PX80U, TH-42PX75U, TH-42PWDP2, TH-42PWDP1, TH-42PZ700U, TH-42PWD6UY, TH-42PZ80U, TH-42PWD4UY, TH-42PWD8UK, TH42PWD7UY, TH-42PZ800U, TH-42PZ80Q, TH-42PZ80U, TH-42PZ85U, TH-PWD5UZ, TH-PWD6UY, TH42PH9UK, TH-42PWD3U, TH-37PX25U/P, TH-37PWD4UZ, TC-P42X1, TH-37PD25 U/P, TH-42PF11UK, TH-37PHD8UK, TH-42PV7HS, TH-37PWD7UY, TH-37PWD8UK, TH-37PX60U, TH-42PH10UKA, TH-42PH11UK, TH-42PHD5UY, TH-42PHD6UY, TH-42PHD7UY, TH-42PHD8UK, TH-42PR10U, TH-42PS9UK, TH-42PH10UK, TH-37PH9UK
Philips Monitors
42PFL3603D-F7, 42HFL5860D/27, 42FD9935, 42FD9934, 42-3D6W02, 37PF9431D-37, 37PF7321D, 37PF7320A, 32FP9954, 32PF9996, 42TA648BX-F7, 42PFL3603D-27, BDS4611, BDS4241V, BDH4223V, 42TA648BX-37, 42PFP5332D-37, 42PFL7603D/27, 42PFL7432D-37, 42PFL3403D-F7, 42PFL7403D-F7, 42PFL7403D-27, 42PFL7332D-37, BDL4221V/27, 42PFL5603D-F7, 42PFL5603D-27, 42PFL5332D-37, 42PFL7422D-37
Philips Magnavox Monitors
42MF337B, 42MF437B
Pioneer Monitors
PDP-434CMX, PDP-427CMX, PRO-940HD, Pro-930HD, PRO-910HD, PRO-800HDi, PDP-V402, PDP-V401, PDP-4360HD, PDP-433MXE, PDP-433CMX, Elite KURO PRO-950HD, PDP-4280HD, PDP-4270HD, PDP-425CMX, PDP-4340HD, PDP-4330HD
Planar Monitors
RCA Monitors
L42FHD38, L42FHD38, L42FHD37, L40HD36, L37WD14, Scenium L42WD250, L40HD33D
Runco Monitors
PlasmaWall SP-42DHD, WP-42HD, PlasmaWall SP-42DHDxa, CX-40HD, CinemaWall SP-42, CinemaWall SP-42xa
Samsung Monitors
LN40A630, PN42B450, PN42A450, PN42A410, PL42A450, LTM 405W, LN46A860, LN46A850, LN40A750, PPM 42M5H, LN40A540, LN40A530, LN37A530, LN-T4661F, LN-T4071, LN-T4066F, LN-T4065F, LN-T4065F, LN46A630, SP-S4223, LN-T4061F, LN-40A450, SyncMaster 460PN, SyncMaster 460P, SyncMaster 403T, SyncMaster 400P, SPR4232X, PPM 2H3, SP-S4243, PPM 42H3, PS42A410, PPM42M7H, PPM42M6H, PPM42M5H, PPM42H3, PPM 42S3, PPM 42S2, PPM 42M5S, SPN 4235, 460CX, 460TSn, 460PXn, 460P, 460MPn, 460DXn, 460DX, 460DRn, 460UXn, 460CXn, 400PX, 400PXn, LN-T405H, 400P, LN-40A650, 400MPn, 400DX, 400CXn, 400CX, 460DR, LN-S4041D, HP-S4233, LN-T4042H, LN-T4032H, LN-T3732H, LN-S4096D, 400MXn, LN-S4092D, LN-R408D, HP-T4254, HP-S4253, LN-S4095D, HP-T4234, LN-40A550, HP-T4264, LA40A330, LN-37A330, LN-T4053H, HP-S4273
Sanyo Monitors
PDP-42HIA, DP37647, DP42647, DP42848, DP46848
Sceptre Monitors
X42GV-Naga w/BTM speakers, X42GV-Naga, X37SV-Naga, X42BV-FullHD, X400BV-FHD
Sharp Monitors
LC42G7M, LC-45GD4U, LC-45GD5U, TL-M4600, LC-45GD6U, AQUOS LC-C4254U, LC-45GX6U, LC-46D64U, LC-46SE94U, LC42BX5M, LC42PX5M, LC45GD7U, PN-455, PN-455RU, PN-455RUP, PN-465U, PN-465UP, LC-42SB45U, LC-M3700, AQUOS LC-40E77U, LC-42D72U, AQUOS LC-C4655U, AQUOS LC-40E67U, AQUOS LC-42D43U, AQUOS LC-42D65U, AQUOS LC-42D85U, AQUOS LC-46BD80U, AQUOS LC-46D65U, LC-42BT10U, AQUOS LC-46E77U, AQUOS LC-46SB54U, AQUOS LC-46SE94U, AQUOS LC-46SE94U w/BTM speakers, AQUOS LC-C4654U, LC-42D64U, AQUOS LC-40C37U, LC-42D62U, AQUOS LC-46D85U
Sony Monitors
KDL-40Z4100, KDL-42V4100, KDL-40XBR4, KDL-46W4100, KDL-46XBR6, KDL-46V4100, KDL-40W4100, KDL-40V4100, KDL-40SL1409BR, KDL-40BR6, KDL-37N4000, KDL-46Z4100, PFM-500A1WU, KDL-40S4100, KE-37XS910, KLV-30XBR900, KLV-40ZX1M, PFM-42B1, PFM-42B2, PFM-42PV1/S, PFM-42V1, PFM-42V1/S, FWD-S47H1, PFM-42X1-S, PFM-500A2, PFM-500A3W, PFM-510A2W, PFM-42X1, BRAVIA KDL-40S5100, PFM-510A1W, BRAVAI KDL-46W4150, BRAVIA KDL-40S2010, FWD-S42H1, BRAVIA KDL-40S4100, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-91, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-92, BRAVIA KDL-40SL140-93, BRAVIA KDL-40V2500, BRAVIA KDL-40V3000, BRAVIA KDL-40V4100, BRAVIA KDL-40V4150, BRAVIA KDL-40V5100, BRAVIA KDL-40W3000, BRAVIA KDL-46Z4100B, BRAVIA KDL-40S3000, FWD-40LX2, FWD-40LX1, FWD 42PX2, BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M, BRAVIA KDL-40W4100, BRAVIA KDL-46Z4100S, BRAVIA KDL-46W4100, BRAVIA KDL-46V5100, BRAVIA KDL-46V4100, BRAVIA KDL-46S5100, BRAVIA KDL-40Z4100S, BRAVIA KDL-40Z4100B, FWD-42PV1
Sylvania Monitors
LC370SS8, LD370SS8, 6842PE, LC420SS8, LD370SC8
Tatung Monitors
DS42-AV, L42LA50W53A, L42LD50W73A, L42MD503DW73A
TEK Monitors
TP370, 370
Toshiba Monitors
P42LSA, REGZA 42LX177, REGZA 42RV530U, REGZA 42RV535U, REGZA 42XV540U, REGZA 46RV530U, REGZA 46XV540U, REGZA 46XV545U, REGZA 46RV535U, P42LHA, 46XF550U, 46RV525R, 42XV545U, 42LX196, 42HP95, 40RV52U, 40RV525U, REGZA 42HL67, REGZA 42HL167
Vidikron Monitors
VP-4200, VP-4200a, Dview VL-40
ViewSonic Monitors
N4285p, N4290p, N4790p
Viewsonic Monitors
VPW423, VPW425, VPW4255, VPW450HD, N3760w
Vizio Monitors
VP422, VW42LF, VX42L, VP423, SV470XVT, SV420XVT, VS420LF, VO42LF
Westinghouse Monitors
SK-42H330S, VK-42F480S, VK-42F240S, VK-40F580D, TX-42F430S, SK-42H240S, SK-40H520S, LVM-42w2, LVM-37w3, LVM-37W3, LTV-40w1 HDC, LTV-37W2HD, SK-40H590D, TX-42F450S
Zenith Monitors
Z47LC6D, Z42LC6D, Z37LZ5D, P42W34, P42W24, P42W22B, L30W36, P40V24

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