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 JEL-PDP50T3 pricing and specifications

JEL-PDP50T3 Jelco JEL-PDP50T3 for Monitors

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JEL-PDP50T3 - Jelco JEL-PDP50T3 for Monitors

Jelco Deluxe Road Case for 46"-52" Flat Screen (Room for Detached Speakers and Stand) 54"H x 62"W x 29"D JEL-PDP50T3

With JELCO's JEL-PDP50T3, you can safely and easily ship your 46"-52" monitor for sales calls, tradeshows, rentals, and more. The Deluxe style includes space for detached speakers and can include space for an attached stand on request. JELCO understands that every monitor is slightly different which is why every JELCO ATA Case is fully lined with industrial grade foam specifically designed to protect your particular equipment model. Your business doesn't stand still, why should your investment? Whether it's just across town or across the country, JELCO cases will get your monitor safely there. Fits most 46"-52" monitors. When ordering, please provide the brand and model number of the monitor to ensure the correct fit.

Key Features
  • Built to Order. Please provide brand and model of flat screen to ensure correct fit.
  • Fits 46"-52" Flat Screen Displays
  • Our unique design incorporates an accessory area that creates a wider case and helps to make it more stable during shipping. This design even allows you to load the monitor while in the upright position. Four locking 4” wheels keep case from moving when loading monitor.
  • The interior uses an inner case that floats independently from the exterior shell, protecting the monitor from outside shocks during shipment. Monitor is strapped into inner case and then covered with an inner lid that is strapped into place before outer lid is locked into place.
  • The large accessory area can be used for storage of mounting brackets, removable speakers or miscellaneous parts. Storage compartment is padded and extends the full length of case. A full length, heavy-duty pianotype hinge is used on accessory lid.
  • All handles and twistlock latches are recessed to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Made in the USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Jelco JEL-PDP50T3 Compatibility Chart for Monitors
Akai Monitors
AKIRA Monitors
EPM 500, HPT 500AW
Barco Monitors
LC-47, LCN-42, LCN-47
BenQ Monitors
BenQ (Acer) Monitors
PDP 46W1
Clarity Monitors
Bay Cat X, Bay Cat SN-4610-1080
Dell Monitors
Dukane Monitors
P50A, P50HC, P50
Electrograph Monitors
Faroudja Monitors
Fujitsu Monitors
Fujitsu General Monitors
PDS5002, PDS5003, PDS5001, P50XHA30WS, P50XHA10US, P50XCA30WH, P50XCA11UH, PDS5004
Gateway Monitors
46 HD, 50 HD
Hewlett-Packard Monitors
Hitachi Monitors
P50S602, UT47X902, UT47V702, P50X902, P50V702, P50T501, P50A402, P50A202, CMP5000WXU, 50HDX60, 50HDT55, 50HDT50, P50H401
Hyundai Monitors
JVC Monitors
GM-X50U, PD-42WV74, LT-46J300, GD-V502, GD-V501, GD-V500 PZU, LT-46P300
LG Monitors
DU-42PX12XC, 50PS60, 50PC5D, 50PC1DR, 50PC5DC, 50PM1M, 50PM4M, 50PQ20, 50PQ30, 50PS80, 50PZ40, 520DXN, 52LG50, M5201, MU-50PZ90, PZ90 Series, 50PB4D, PPM 50M7H, 47LB1DA, MU-50PM10, 42PC3D, 42PC5DC, 42PX5D, 47LH55, 42PX7DC, 42LB1DR, 42PX8DC, 47LB5D, 47LC7DF, 47LF11, 47LG50, 47LG60, 47LG70, 47LG90, 47LH30, 47LH40, 47LH50, 42PX7DCV
Magnavox Monitors
Marantz Monitors
PD5001, PD 5040D
Maxent Monitors
MX-50HPT51, MX-50X5, MX-42X3, MX-42HPM30, MX-5020HPM
Mitsubishi Monitors
LT-52244, LT-52246, LT-52149, LT-52148, LT-52144, LT-52133, LDTV152, LDT521V, LDT521L
NEC Monitors
MultiSync LCD5220-IT, PX-50XM4A, PX-50PD2, PlasmaSync 50XR6, PV46-AVT, PX-50XR6, PlasmaSync 50XP10, PlasmaSync 50XC10, P50XP10BK, PX-50XR5, 5000W, 50XR4, PX-5000W, 50MP1, 50MP2, 50PD1, 50XM3, 50XM4, 50XM4A, 50XM6, 50XM5, 50PD2
NuVision Monitors
Lucidium NVU52DCM, Lucidium NVU47DCM
Olevia Monitors
247T FHD
Panasonic Monitors
TH-50PHD8UK, TH-50PZ850U, TH-50PH9UK, TH-50PHD3U, TH-50PHD5UY, TH-50PHD6UY, TH-50PHD7UY, TH-50PH11UK, TH-50PX75U, TH-50PX80U, TH-50PZ700U, TH-50PZ750U, TH-50PZ800U, TH-50PH10UKA, TH-50PZ80U, TH-50PF10UK, TH-50PZ85U, TH-50PZ80Q, TH-42PA20, 50PHD5UY, 50PHD6UY, TH-50PF11UK, TC-P50X1, TH-50PH10UK, TH-42PD25U/P, TH-42PF11UK w/Side Speakers, TH-42PX25UP, TH-42PX600U, TH-46PZ800U, TH-46PZ80U, TH-46PZ850U, TH-46PZ85U, TH-50PF10UK, TH-50PF9UK, TH-42PX500U, TC-P50G10
Philips Monitors
42PF9730A, 42PF9830A, 42PF9431D-37, 42PF7321D-37, 42PF7320A, 42FP9630, 42FD9954, 42FD9932, 42FD9944, 50PF9830A, 42PF9630A, BDH5011, 52PFL7422D-37, 52PFL7403D-F7, 52PFL7403D-27, 52PFL5603D/F7, 52PFL5603D-F7, 50PFP5332D-37, 50PF9630A, 50PF7320A, 50PF7220A, 50FD9955, 47PFL3603D-27, 42PF9996, 52PFL3603D-F7, 47PF9441D-37, 47PFL7603D/27, 47PFL3603D-F7, 47PFL5432D-37, 47PFL5603D-27, 47PFL7403D-27, 47PFL7403D-F7, 47PFL7422D-37, 47PFL7432D-37, 47PFL5603D-F7
Philips Magnavox Monitors
Pioneer Monitors
PRO-FHD1, PDP-5070HD, PDP-5080HD, PRO-101FD, PRO-1110HD, PRO-111FD, PRO-1140HD, PDP-507CMX, PDP-5060HD, PRO-1130HD, PDP-502MX, PDP-505HD, PDP-5020FD, PDP-503CMX, PDP-503MXE, PDP-5040HD, PRO-1000HDi, PDP-504CMX, PDP-5000EX, PDP-504PU, PDP-505CMX, PDP-5016HD
Planar Monitors
Bay Cat X (SN-4620-1080), PD520
RCA Monitors
L46FHD37, L46FHD38, L46WD22, Scenium L46WD250
Runco Monitors
PlasmaWall Crystal Portfolio CX-47, CX-52HD, PlasmaWall XP-50DHD, Crystal Portfolio CX-OPAL47, CinemaWall XP-50, CX-46HD, PlasmaWall XP-50DHDxa
Sampo Monitors
Samsung Monitors
PN50A760, LN46A750, LN46A950, LN52A540, LN52A630, LN52A750, LN52A850, LN52A860, PN50A450, PN50A410, PN50A530, PN50A650, PPM 50H2, PPM 50H3, PPM 50H3Q, PPM 50M5H, PPM 50M6H, PS50A410, LN46A540, PN50A550, HP-S5053, LN46A530, 520DX, HP-S5033, HP-S5073, HP-T5034, HP-T5054, HP-T5064, HP-T5064, HPN 5039, LN-46A650, PN50A510, LN-52A550, LN-52A650, LN-S4692D, LN-S4695D, LN-T4665F, LN-S4696D, LN-T4665F, LN-46A550, FP-T5084
Sanyo Monitors
Sceptre Monitors
X37SV-Naga w/side speakers, X46BV-FullHD, X46BV-1080p, X46BE-1080p, X46BM-1080p
Sharp Monitors
LC-45D40U, AQUOS LC-52BD80U, TL-M5200, PN-S525P, LC-C5262U, LC-52SE94U, LC-52D82U, LC-52D64U, LC-52D43U, AQUOS LC-60C52U, AQUOS LC-52XS1U-S, AQUOS LC-52SB55U, AQUOS LC-52E77U, AQUOS LC-52D92U, AQUOS LC-52D65U, AQUOS LC-C5255U, AQUOS LC-52D85U
Sony Monitors
KE-42XBR900, KDE-42XBR950, KDL-40BR7, KDL-42XBR950, PFM-50C1, KDL-46S4100, BRAVIA KDL-52S5100, KDL-46SL140, KDL-52XBR9, KE-42XS910, FWD50PX1, KDL-46XBR2, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-93, FWD-50PX2S, BRAVIA KDL-52W4100, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-92, Bravia KDL-46XBR3, BRAVIA KDL-52S4100, BRAVIA KDL-52V5100, BRAVIA KDL-52XBR7, FWD-50PX1, FWD-50PX2, FWD-50PX2B, BRAVIA KDL-46SL140-91
SVA Monitors
Toshiba Monitors
REGZA 52RV535U, P47LSA, REGZA 52XV540U, REGZA 52LX177, REGZA 52HL167, 52HL167, 50HP81, 46RV525U, 42HP83, P47LHA, REGZA 52XV545U
Vidikron Monitors
Dview VL-46, Dview VL-52, VP-5000, VP-5000a, VP-5000VHD, VP-5000VHDa
Viewsonic Monitors
N4200w, VPW505
ViewSonic Monitors
N4785p, N5230p
Vizio Monitors
VO47LF, VP503, VP504F, VP505XVT
Westinghouse Monitors
LTV-46w1 HD, LVM-47w1, TX-47F430S, TX-47F450S
Zenith Monitors
Z50PX2D, P50W28, P50W38

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