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 NSATA-F pricing and specifications

NSATA-F Jelco NSATA-F for Projectors

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NSATA-F - Jelco NSATA-F for Projectors

Jelco Projector Non-Stock Custom Road Case with Wheels, Extension Handle, and Slimlock Combination Lock- NSATA-F

When you need to safely transport your projector or sensitive electronic equipment by truck or check it as airline luggage, choose JELCO's NSATA-F. JELCO understands that every piece of A/V Equipment is different which is why every ATA Case is fully lined with industrial grade foam specifically designed to protect your particular equipment model. A generous-size accessory compartment holds the cords, cables, and remote control, as well as other needed items. Don't leave the safety of your investment to your transportation handler. JELCO ATA cases are built to ATA category 300 specifications to provide years of service.

Key Features
  • Built to Order
  • Custom-built at the time you place your order to specifically fit your projector model. Please include the brand and model of projector when ordering this case.
  • ATA shipping case designed for checked luggage or sending via FedEx/UPS.
  • Durable tilt wheels and convenient lock-in & lock-out extension handle
  • Generous- sized storage area holds cords, cables, remote, etc.
  • Slimlock™ combination lock for increased security is mounted in dish with carry handle.
  • Made in the USA
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Jelco NSATA-F Compatibility Chart for Others
Hitachi Others
StarBoard EM 15
SMART Technologies Others
Sympodium ID250, Sympodium ID370
3M Projectors
MP 8670, MP 8745, MP 8755, MP 8770, MP 8790
Acer Projectors
P7270i, P7280
Apollo Projectors
VP890, VP836
ASK Proxima Projectors
C410, C420, DP8200x
BenQ Projectors
Boxlight Projectors
MP-650i, MP-63e, MP-60e, CD-850m, MP-86i
Canon Projectors
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LC-XS25, LC-XS30
Elmo Projectors
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EMP-TW20, MovieMate 72, PowerLite 400W, PowerLite 410W, PowerLite Cinema 550, PowerLite Home 20, PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 HQV
Hewlett-Packard Projectors
XP8010, XP8020, Home-1, PJTX100 UltraVision, CP-X985, CP-X980, CP-X960W, CP-X885W, CP-X880W, CP-S860W, CP-X970W
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Lasergraphics Projectors
Liesegang Projectors
dv 360
Mitsubishi Projectors
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