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DisneyWow-BD Disney WoW Calibration Disc

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DisneyWow-BD - Disney WoW Calibration Disc

WoW (World of Wonder) Step-by-Step Calibration Guide

Get ready to experience the world of High Definition at its very best!
You'll learn all about HD Home Theater along with Goofy and get guidance from the pros on how to fine-tune your system for maximum performance. Then, sit back, relax, and experience all the excitement of Disney WoW World of Wonder the ultimate fun and easy guide to getting the most from your HD Home Theater.

It's easy!
The included handbook will explain how to use the WoW A/V Tools. You will find both beginner and advanced sections to choose from along with simple step-by-step instructions. A/V Tools in the Beginner section are designed for ease of use in the proper alignment of your Home Theater Equipment. The Advanced section contains A/V Tools that address professional evaluation and calibration tasks for specific monitors, displays, and projectors.

** For Blu-ray only