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 V13H134A21 pricing and specifications

V13H134A21 Filter HC6100/8100/8350/8500UB

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V13H134A21 - Filter HC6100/8100/8350/8500UB

Epson Air Filter - For PowerLite Home Cinema HC6100/8100/8350, HC6500UB/8500UB,

Get the best performance out of your projector and prolong its life by doing regular checks and cleaning of the air filter. Replacement might be necessary and is an inexpensive way to continue to enjoy your projector for many hours to come.

Epson V13H134A21 Projector Air Filter
This genuine Epson air filter is designed as a replacement for specific Epson home entertainment projectors. Proper filter maintenance can sustain projector brightness and safeguard component life.

This filter is user-replaceable; refer to your projector's manual for installation instructions.

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