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 ZVMAX-EXT144G-W pricing and specifications

ZVMAX-EXT144G-W Elite VMAX 'G' Extension Cable

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ZVMAX-EXT144G-W - Elite VMAX 'G' Extension Cable

Elite Screens ZVMAX-EXT144G-W Signal Extension Cable
Elite Screens electric screens offer simple to assemble power cords in two stages. The first stage is a 6 foot 4-prong male-to-male cable that plugs into the screen and the included 3-way switch wall box. The second stage is a 5 foot 3-prong male-to-male power cord that plugs into the wall box and directly into your wall outlet for power.

In some installations, the nearest power outlet might be further away than the standard cables will allow. This signal extension cable features a female end that either side of the first stage cable can plug into; and a male end that plugs into either the screen or the wall box.

Model Note
Please purchase and receive screen first before purchasing extension cable. Extension cable must match manufacturing type of screen. To determine manufacturing type, you must reference individual product serial number.

Sample Serial Number: VMAX100UWH-99G999999

First part of the serial number is product model number. Manufacturing type is determined by letter in third position in the second part of the serial number. This extension cable is for "G" type screens.

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UPC: 87681800934-0
MSRP: $65.00
Color: White
Connections: 4-Prong Female to 4-Prong Male
Length: 12 ft.
Weight: N/A
Elite Screens VMAX Series*²
Elite Screens VMAX PLUS*² Series
* Models in bold are current models offered by Visual Apex.
*² Extension cable will not work with VMAX2, VMAX PLUS2, VMAX PLUS3 or VMAX2 AcousticPro Series screens. See ZSP-EXT cables for appropriate extension.