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Jelco Cases

Projector Cases JELCO, Inc. is a USA-based designer and manufacturer of specialized cases for the presentation industry. This includes padded travel bags, carry cases, hard-side cases, molded travel cases and ATA 300 style shipping cases custom designed for specific multimedia projectors, laptop computers & monitors.

Their Executive Roller Case is designed to meet U.S. carry-on regulations, and protects projectors and laptop computers with ABS plastic in the walls and high-density foam around the projector cushion impact and absorb shocks. Jelco Padded Hard Side Travel Cases are manufactured of black Dupont Original Ballistic nylon fabric for durability and moisture resistance with an interior built of firm industrial grade foam and rigid ABS plastic for protection.

Return Policy
Custom and Built to order items are not returnable.
Items that are exchanged for a new item will not incur a restock fee. Any non-custom item wishing to be returned without exchange, will incur a 15% restock fee from Jelco.
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Model Description Price Buy

Jelco EL-42
Jelco EL-42 for Monitors $2,714Purchase the JelcoEL-42 for $2,714.00

Jelco EL-50
Jelco EL-50 for Monitors $2,988Purchase the JelcoEL-50 for $2,988.00

Jelco EL-60
Jelco EL-60 for Monitors $3,650Purchase the JelcoEL-60 for $3,650.00

Jelco EL-60SL
Jelco EL-60SL for Monitors $4,366Purchase the JelcoEL-60SL for $4,366.00

Jelco EL-65
Jelco EL-65 for Monitors $4,023Purchase the JelcoEL-65 for $4,023.00

Jelco ELS-42
Jelco ELS-42 for Monitors $3,128Purchase the JelcoELS-42 for $3,128.00

Jelco ELS-42SL
Jelco ELS-42SL for Monitors $3,506Purchase the JelcoELS-42SL for $3,506.00

Jelco ELS-50
Jelco ELS-50 for Monitors $3,239Purchase the JelcoELS-50 for $3,239.00

Jelco ELS-50SL
Jelco ELS-50SL for Monitors $3,684Purchase the JelcoELS-50SL for $3,684.00

Jelco ELS-60
Jelco ELS-60 for Monitors $4,994Purchase the JelcoELS-60 for $4,994.00

Jelco ELS-65
Jelco ELS-65 for Monitors $5,261Purchase the JelcoELS-65 for $5,261.00

Jelco ELU-42R
Jelco ELU-42R for Monitors $3,128Purchase the JelcoELU-42R for $3,128.00

Jelco ELU-50R
Jelco ELU-50R for Monitors $3,348Purchase the JelcoELU-50R for $3,348.00

Jelco ELU-50RX2
Jelco ELU-50RX2 for Monitors $5,748Purchase the JelcoELU-50RX2 for $5,748.00

Jelco JEL-PDP42T1
Jelco JEL-PDP42T1 for Monitors $1,060Purchase the JelcoJEL-PDP42T1 for $1,060.00

Jelco JEL-PDP42T2
Jelco JEL-PDP42T2 for Monitors $1,440Purchase the JelcoJEL-PDP42T2 for $1,440.00

Jelco JEL-PDP50T1
Jelco JEL-PDP50T1 for Monitors $1,513Purchase the JelcoJEL-PDP50T1 for $1,513.00

Jelco JEL-PDP50T3
Jelco JEL-PDP50T3 for Monitors $1,967Purchase the JelcoJEL-PDP50T3 for $1,967.00

Jelco JEL-PDP60T3
Jelco JEL-PDP60T3 for Monitors $2,558Purchase the JelcoJEL-PDP60T3 for $2,558.00

Jelco JPC32
Jelco JPC32 for Monitors $109Purchase the JelcoJPC32 for $109.00

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