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Projectors : BenQ Projectors : BenQ MX819ST Projector : PART# 9H.J7477.15A

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BenQ MX819ST Projector

Ultra-Sharp Images in a Short Distance
10,000 hour lamp!
XGA, 3000 ANSI lumens, 13000:1 contrast, 5.73lbs.

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BenQ MX819ST projector specs:
BenQ MX819ST Projector projection calculator BenQ MX819ST Projector spec sheet
Resolution: XGA
Brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens
Colors: 1.07 Billion Colors
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Technology: DLP
Contrast Ratio: 13000:1
Compatibility: XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution
Weight: 5.73 lbs.
Dimensions: 11.3in W 4.5in H 9.1in D
Features: Ultra-Sharp Images in a Short Distance
Warranty: 3 year parts and labor
Included Items:
  • Lens Cover
  • Remote Control w/ Battery
  • Power Cord (by region)
  • User Manual CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card (by region)
  • VGA(D-sub 15pin) Cable
  • BenQ MX819ST projector details:

    BenQ projector MX819ST

    BenQ MX819ST
    WXGA Multimedia Projector

    More Interaction, Less Energy Use
    XGA Widescreen Projection Excellence

    A wide array of connectivity options plus PointWrite™ and QWrite interactive features make the MX819ST a complete classroom projector solution. An 0.49 short-throw ratio, 13000:1 sharp contrast ratio, 3000 ANSI lumen brightness and long lamp life ensure vibrant, reliable visual performance time and again.

    Power Saving, Eco Friendly
    As the first DLP brand to incorporate Philips' ImageCare technology into its projector lamp system, BenQ has taken a further leap, developing its own SmartEco Technology to perfect what DLP can do for energy saving in the 21st century classroom. Built with this brand new invention, the MX819ST brings together uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life through innovative features.

    Ultra-High Contrast Ratio
    An ultra-high contrast ratio projects sharp images, even for high brightness projectors. Get better contrast and blacker blacks with a 13000:1 contrast ratio.

    0.5W in Standby Mode
    When inactive, the MX819ST complies with 2013 EU standards by keeping power consumption to a minimum using less than 0.5 W on standby, extending lamp life and reducing energy costs.

    Blu-ray Full HD 3D Supported
    BenQ MX819ST is built with latest DLP® technology to support 3D functionality, allowing schools to bring an immersive learning experience to their students with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content from your blu-ray player.

    Zero Eye-Blinding Lights
    The short-throw projection distance keeps the projector light from shining directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience.

    Zero Disruptions
    Say goodbye to the shadows that often interrupt your presentation. With a projection distance this close, you and your audience can move freely without worrying about obstructions between the projector and the screen!

    Now Shipping with BenQ's new 10,000 Lamp!

    Additional Features:
  • XGA Widescreen Projection Excellence
    Engage your class with BenQ's XGA (1024x768) short-throw picture performance! Comparing to 4:3 projections, XGA widescreen projection boosts your total viewing area by 30% - making more effective use of the whiteboards and blackboards in class. What's more, with sharper, clearer images and less shadow distractions, you'll find your students much better focused in class.
  • 3000 ANSI Lumen Brightness
    A 3000 ANSI lumens projection lamp ensures great viewing even is location with low ambient light. The MX819ST is ideal for small-sized meeting room with under 25 people.
  • 13000:1 High Contrast Ratio
    The MX819ST boasts a high contrast ratio of 13000:1. High contract ratios translate to razor-sharp detail definition and a broader range of subtle color differences, which makes text is sharper, cleaner, and easy to read.
  • World-Leading Short-throw Projection
    A global DLP® expert, BenQ excels as the number one-selling brand in the worldwide short-throw projector market – with every one out of seven short-throw projector to be of BenQ kind. This undisputed short-throw leader offers picture quality excellence defined by astonishing color performance and well-focused text projection with its very own aspherical lens design.

  • The Good Things that Come in Short Distances

    Zero Space Constraints

    Just imagine the freedom of having the same projection quality with half the required distance! You'll have better flexibility in choosing your projection locations! That's the magic of short throw!

    Zero Eye-Blinding Lights The short throw projection distance keeps the projector light from shinning directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience.

    Zero Disruptions
    Say goodbye to the annoying shadows. With a projection distance this close, you can move freely without worrying about obstructions between the projector and the screen!

  • Built-in 10W Big Audio Power The MX819ST features one built-in 10W speaker to help enrich your presentation with top quality audio performances.
  • LAN Control with Crestron, PJ-Link and AMX
    LAN Control is designed to help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively – offering them full access and control over every projector directly from their workstations. The MX819ST offers seamless support for the Crestron, PJ-Link and AMX LAN Control system.
  • Readily Available Teaching Templates
    To make your teaching job easier, BenQ has added the teaching template function to the MX819ST. Now, with four different line pattern designs to choose from – Letter Formation, Musical Staff, Worksheet and Coordinate Chart, you can easily write or draw on whiteboards as well as blackboards without the need of drawing lines or charts.
  • Stereoscopic 3D Ready Projection
    The MX819ST comes standard-equipped with DLP LinkTM-supported 3D projection technology to bring you the same amazing 3D effects you get in 3D movies. Unlike traditional 3D projector systems that require two perfectly aligned projectors with two separate video feeds to deliver 3D projection, BenQ's system requires only one – making it the perfect choice for all projection use.
  • Free of Filter Maintenance and Replacement
    With the DLP filter-free design, you get to save the cost and hassles of filter maintenance and replacement all together – and get better projection quality, too.
  • Reliable Color Performance and Virtually Color Decay-Free
    Reliable Picture Quality with True-to-Life Color Performance BenQ projectors that use DLP® technology are virtually immune to color decay – the yellow/green tint that some projector images develop over extended periods of usage. This is one technological advantage that you'll get to enjoy - year after year!
  • ecoFACTS Label
    ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are! Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products! ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

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