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Digital Signage: Samsung Business Class Integrated Touch/Interactive LCD

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Integrated Touch Screen LEDs and LCDs

Samsung Models:

Applications: Digital Signage, interactive web browsing or applications requiring user input such as way-finding displays and kiosks. Built for environments requiring upto 16-hours of consecutive usage. For public environments or instances where dirt and grime are an issue, call Visual Apex to review Samsung touch options with SAW (surface acoustical wave) technology. SAW is ideal for more rugged environments and can be integrated into a Samsung DX or US professional display that needs to be used for 24-hours a day.


All Samsung models that include an "n" include an integrated 2.3Ghz C2D Processor 80GB HDD 1GB XPe Standard, MagicInfo Pro digital signage software, pivot technology, remote hardware control, and 3 USB inputs

MagicInfo displays include an RJ45 ethernet port and are IP addressable. Features LAN RJ45 (network), RS 232C IN/OUT (serial DB9), USB
  • Connect wireless keyboard/mouse to display for easy web browsing – Great for conference rooms of the future!
  • Includes MagicInfo digital signage software – simple, easy, versatile and affordable. Please call for further information on using Samsung in your next digital signage project.
  • Easily create dynamic video wall and multi-zone content, including live video
  • Easily distribute content from other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Use the MagicInfo software for remote hardware diagnosis/monitoring (lamp, temperature). Remotely manage hardware functions through network, not serial/RS-232.
  • Asset Management and Global Network
  • Samsung SBB-NT: Add digital signage with the Samsung set-back media player with MagicInfo Pro digital signage software included. Connect via Ethernet and HDMI to the display.
  • Samsung SBB-DT: Add an ATSC Tuner to any Samsung professional display, not HD satellite or cable receiver needed. Perfect conference rooms or offices where cable comes directly out of the wall.
  • Peerless SF650 Flat Wall Mount
  • Peerless ST650 Tilt Wall Mount
  • DS-VW760 Full-Service Video Wall Mount for 40” to 65” displays
  • HDMI® over Cat5E Extender
  • 1080p and HCDP™-compatible; extend your HDMI signal up to 200 feet (60 meters) over Cat5! Graphics: CTG CAT5 TX RX.jpg
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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams