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Projectors : Epson Projectors : Epson PowerLite-W16SK Projector : PART# V11H494020

Visual Apex is an authorized Epson projector dealer.
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  • PowerLite-W16SK pic 1
  • PowerLite-W16SK pic 2
  • PowerLite-W16SK pic 3
  • PowerLite-W16SK pic 4

Epson PowerLite-W16SK Projector

WXGA, 3000 ANSI lumens, 5000:1 contrast, 17.4lbs.

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Epson POWERLITE-W16SK projector specs:
Epson PowerLite-W16SK Projector projection calculator Epson PowerLite-W16SK Projector spec sheet
Resolution: WXGA
Brightness: 3000 ANSI lumens
Colors: Full-color (16.77 million colors)
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Technology: 3LCD
Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Compatibility: N/A
Weight: 17.4 lbs.
Dimensions: 14.6in W 8.8in H 13.8in D
Features: The ultra-bright 3D projector made to impress any classroom
Warranty: Two-year projector limited warranty, Epson Road Service program, PrivateLine® dedicated toll free support and 90-day limited lamp warranty
Inputs (Video): NTSC/NTSC4.43/ PAL/M-PAL/N-PAL/PAL60/SECAM
Included Items:
  • 2 PowerLite W16SK projectors
  • Dual projector stacking mount kit
  • 1 pair of passive 3D glasses
  • 2 polarizing filters
  • 2 power cables
  • 1 USB cable to link both projectors for passive 3D
  • Remote control w/ batteries
  • User’s guide CD
  • Setup guide with installation instructions
  • Epson POWERLITE-W16SK projector details:

    Epson projector PowerLite-W16SK

    Epson America, Inc.

    Mfr. Part No.: V11H494020

    The ultra-bright 3D projector made to impress any classroom
    Immerse your students in ultra-bright 3D imagery that takes any subject to a whole new level with the PowerLite W16SK dual projection system. This innovative system features two powerful projectors stacked together, for ultra-bright video and images in large classrooms or rooms with ambient light. Use the W16SK to share 2D content in a big, brilliant way. Or, use it with affordable passive 3D glasses (one pair included) for 3D content. The affordable PowerLite W16SK makes it easy to achieve larger-than-life lessons with captivating 3D capability that redefines the learning environment.

    3x Brighter Colors with Epson
    Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness (color light output), and Epson® 3LCD projectors have 3 x Brighter Colors than leading competitive projectors.

    Works with passive 3D glasses (1 pair included, others may be purchased separately)
    Passive 3D projection offers an economical way to bring engaging 3D content to an entire classroom. Because passive 3D glasses are so affordable, it’s easy to provide enough glasses for every student. There’s no need to share glasses and then worry about disinfecting them for use by another student. And, there are no batteries or electronics to worry about. Best of all, if the glasses are lost, they can easily be replaced without significantly impacting your budget.

    Remarkable widescreen performance
    Featuring WXGA resolution (1280 x 800, 16:10 aspect ratio), the PowerLite W16SK is ideal for use with the latest generation widescreen computers, and great for projecting widescreen content.

    Supports multiple 3D formats
    The PowerLite W16SK supports multiple 3D formats, eliminating the need for an external converter box. However, most 3D-ready projectors only support one format, and an external converter box must be purchased in order to support multiple formats. So, when you are evaluating the right 3D projector for your classroom, make sure to check to see if the projector supports your preferred multiple 3D formats.

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