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Home-Cinema-8100-R pic 1
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  • Home-Cinema-8100-R pic 1
  • Home-Cinema-8100-R pic 2
  • Home-Cinema-8100-R pic 3
  • Home-Cinema-8100-R pic 4
! The Epson Home-Cinema-8100-R is no longer available!

Key Specs: 1800 ANSI Lumens
36,000:1 contrast ratio
1080p resolution

Customers are now selecting the Epson Home Cinema6100-R

Replacement: Home Cinema 6100-R Projector
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Epson HOME CINEMA 8100-R projector specs:
Epson Home Cinema 8100-R Projector projection calculator Epson Home Cinema 8100-R Projector compare projectors side-by-side Epson Home Cinema 8100-R Projector spec sheet
Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 1800 ANSI lumens
Colors: Full 10-bit color processing
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 native, 4:3 compat.
Technology: 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine Polysilicon
Contrast Ratio: 36,000:1
Compatibility: Supports up to 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Weight: 16.1 lbs.
Dimensions: 17.7in W 5.4in H 14.2in D
  • Cinema Filter for improved color fidelity
  • Excellent video image quality with OptiCinema™ lens
  • Advanced dust filtration system
  • Low fan noise of only 22dB
Warranty: Includes two years of toll-free, priority technical support, plus Epson’s two-year limited warranty and a 90-day limited lamp warranty
Inputs (Video): 2 HDMI 1.3a 1 RCA (composite) 3 RCA (component) 1 Mini DIN (S-video) 1 D-Sub 15 pin (Analog RGB) 1 D-Sub 9 pin (RS-232c)
! The Epson Home-Cinema-8100-R Projector is no longer available!

Customers are now selecting the Epson Home Cinema6100-R
Replacement: Home Cinema 6100-R Projector
Epson HOME CINEMA 8100-R refurbished projector details:

Epson America, Inc. PowerLite Home Cinema 8100-R (Manufacturer Refurbished)
1080p High Definition Digital Multimedia Projector

Rich, vibrant color and reliable performance - 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine

The Epson PowerLite® Home Cinema 8100-R (Manufacturer Refurbished) is a native resolution 1080p 3LCD projector designed for home entertainment and AV enthusiasts with a budget in mind. Featuring an improved contrast ratio of up to 36,000:1 and brightness of up to 1,800 lumens, this projector delivers outstanding image quality in either a dark or lighted room. Priced at affordably, the Home Cinema 8100 offers big screen movies, video games, sports, and karaoke for an amazing home entertainment experience.
  • High-definition, 1080p home theater experience - D7 panel delivers 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Astounding clarity - 36,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Stunning picture uniformity and clarity - stateof- the-art lens by Fujinon
  • Amazing, true-to-life color - Epson exclusive Cinema Filter with an expanded color gamut
  • Brilliant images, anytime, day or night - 1800 lumens color light output, 1800 lumens white light output*
  • Unobtrusive operation - low fan noise (just 22 – 28 dB) so the audience can focus on the soundtrack
  • Cutting-edge connectivity - two HDMI ports for maximum flexibility
  • Energy-efficient E-TORL® lamp - up to 4000 hours** lamp life
  • Smooth gradations - 10-bit panel driver
  • Ideal for fast-action - advanced, high-speed auto iris function adjusts light output up to 60 times per second
  • Easy maintenance - convenient dust filtration system with large surface area for greater efficiency
  • Outstanding support - 2-year limited warranty; next-business-day Home Service shipping

Outstanding Epson Service and Support (Two-Year Limited Warranty)
  • 90-day lamp warranty for added dependability
  • Epson Home Service program provides a replacement projector, typically within 24 hours
  • Epson PrivateLineSM dedicated toll-free support line available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST Monday - Friday (Calls are answered live, typically in about a minute)

Additional Features:
  • Brightness of up to 1,800 color and white light output for deeper blacks and brighter images
  • Cinema Filter delivers large color space for improved color fidelity
  • Excellent video image quality with OptiCinema™ lens from Fujinon (2.1 zoom ratio)
  • Increased efficiency with advanced dust filtration system
  • Low fan noise of only 22dB
Items included with the Epson Home-Cinema-8100-R:

  • Home Cinema 8100-R (Manufacturer Refurbished)
  • Power cable
  • Remote control
  • 2 batteries
  • User manual

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