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MovieMate-85HD-R pic 1
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  • MovieMate-85HD-R pic 1
  • MovieMate-85HD-R pic 2
  • MovieMate-85HD-R pic 3
  • MovieMate-85HD-R pic 4
! The Epson MovieMate-85HD-R is no longer available!

Key Specs: 2500 ANSI Lumens
3000:1 contrast ratio
720p resolution
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Epson MOVIEMATE 85HD-R projector specs:
Epson MovieMate 85HD-R Projector projection calculator Epson MovieMate 85HD-R Projector compare projectors side-by-side Epson MovieMate 85HD-R Projector spec sheet
Resolution: 720p
Brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens
Colors: n/a
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 native, 4:3 resize
Technology: 3-LCD, 3chip technology
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Compatibility: DVD Region Code 1, NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, M-PAL, N-PAL, PAL60, SECAM, HDTV (720, 1080i), SDTV (525i / 525p/ 625i / 625p), HD-DVD and Blu-ray™ (external source only)
Weight: 9.3 lbs.
Dimensions: 13.4in W 9.4in H 5.0in D
  • built-in progressive scan DVD Player
  • Plug, Load and Play
  • Super bright at 2000Lumens
  • Works with iPod, Wii, Xbox 360, PS
  • Warranty: Includes two years of toll-free, priority technical support, plus Epson’s two-year limited warranty and a 90-day limited lamp warranty
    Inputs (Video): 1 RCA (composite), 1 RCA (component), 2 RCA (audio L/R) stereo, 1 VGA D-sub 15 pin (computer input), USB Type A, USB Type B (service only), HDMI, Mic
    Outputs (Video): 1 headphone stereo jack, 1 digital coaxial audio out
    Epson MOVIEMATE 85HD-R refurbished projector details:

    The Epson MovieMate 85HD Manufacturer Refurbished projector, DVD and Music Player Combo is one of the few home theater projectors that features a built in DVD player. The Epson MM 85HD projector is designed for the on-the-go person and for an instant home cinema. The MovieMate 85HD projector has many high-end features, just like Epson projectors permanent mounted solutions, like:
    • 720P resolution
    • 2500 Lumens
    • 16:9 Wide Screen Resolution
    • An estimated 5000 hr lamp life
    • 3LCD panel and certified 3 chip technology
    • 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
    But the Epson MM 85 also has:
    • progressive scan DVD player
    • built-in carrying case
    • 2ea built in 10W Dolby Digital speakers with DTS
    • 12 times larger than a 40 widescreen TV
    • Auto keystone correction +/- 30 degrees
    So if you thought you were going to have to compromise with a mobile home theater, the Epson MM 85HD projector is a great solution for you.

    Additional Features:
    Manufacturer Refurbished
    Items included with the Epson MovieMate-85HD-R:

  • Epson MovieMate 85HD
  • Glow-in-the-dark remote control (with batteries)
  • AC power cord
  • CD with user manual and electronic registration utility
  • cushioned carrying case
  • Quick Guide
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