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PT-DX500U pic 1
PT-DX500U pic 1
PT-DX500U pic 2
  • PT-DX500U pic 1
  • PT-DX500U pic 2
! The Panasonic PT-DX500U is no longer available!

Key Specs: 4500 ANSI Lumens
2000:1 contrast ratio
XGA resolution

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Panasonic PT-DX500U projector specs:

Panasonic projector PT-DX500U
Panasonic PT-DX500U Projector projection calculator Panasonic PT-DX500U Projector spec sheet
Resolution: XGA
Brightness: 4,500 ANSI lumens
Colors: 16.9 million colors
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Technology: DLP
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Compatibility: N/A
Weight: 18.7 lbs.
Dimensions: 13.16in W 6.4in H 19.1in D
  • 2.0x Zoom and Lens Shift
  • 15m (49ft) wireless remote
  • Warranty: Incredible 5 year parts and labor; 90 days on lamp
    Included Items:
  • Power cord with security lock
  • Wireless/wired remote control unit
  • Batteries for remote control (AA type for North America
  • R6/LR6 type for Europe and Asia)x 2
  • Safety wire rope
    ! The Panasonic PT-DX500U Projector is no longer available!

    Panasonic PT-DX500U projector details:

    Panasonic PT-DX500U
    Bright Installation Digital Multimedia Projector
    Mfr. Part No.:

    The 1-chip DLP™ PT-DX500U projector allows high-quality images to be projected in a wide range of operating conditions and applications. The PT-DX500U provides unsurpassed image quality powered by 4,500 lumens, XGA resolution and RGB Booster for excellent color reproduction. Calibration is made easy with the built in Waveform Monitor.

    The PT-DX500U projector incorporates a wealth of original Panasonic technologies to bring high-quality images to all kinds of operating conditions and applications. It offers better reliability and require less maintenance. Plus, the PT-DX500U projector features convenient functions to facilitate either a new installation or the replacement of an existing system. It is compact, affordable 1-chip DLP™ projector with a long list of features and functions.

    Additional Features:

    • A Full 4,500 lumens of brightness and contrast of 2,000:1
      The 300-watt AC lamp unit features an efficient light focusing reflector. Using only a single lamp unit, the PT-DX500U offers 4,500 lumens and boasts a high contrast ratio of 2,000:1.
    • RGB Booster Significantly Improves Color Reproduction
      The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of color reproduction and brightness that make each color stand out. It combines Panasonic's proprietary Vivid Color Control technology with a Lamp Modulation Drive System for a 1-chip DLP™ projector that produces bright and vivid colors.
    • Vivid Color Control
      This unique control technology optimizes the use of the color segment areas of the color wheel. It increases the brightness of each RGB color by minimizing the unallocated portions between the colors, to achieve truly vivid coloring.
    • Lamp Modulation Drive System
      With the advanced lamp modulation technology, the projector is now able to control the lamp intensity for each of the red, green, blue and white segments of the color wheel separately. Because the actual light output is controlled in relation to each color segment, light usage is optimized, and color balance is obtained without lowering the brightness. This results in bright, vivid images with increased color fidelity.
    • Detail Clarity Processor 3 Brings Depth and Clarity to Details
      The frequency of the video signal is analyzed for each scene, and distribution data is extracted for the ultra high, high, medium and low-range frequencies. This unique Panasonic image correction circuit optimally enhances each area of the screen. High-precision detection is applied from 2-dimensional horizontal/ vertical data to produce more natural, lifelike images with high definition.
    • Daylight View Premium for Better Color Perception
      This function corrects the image quality to project sharp, clear images even in brightly lit rooms. A luminance sensor measures the ambient brightness, and a realtime adjustment function optimizes sharpness and brightness according to the surroundings. This adjustment function also works together with the Detail Clarity Processor 3 to enhance the realism and vividness of projected images. This makes images easier to view and offers high contrast.
    • Waveform Monitor Function
      When the output level of the source device fluctuates due to the performance of the device or its cable connections, the original black and white levels of the image content cannot be reproduced correctly. With the PT-DZ570U, you can view the waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings either automatically or manually as you prefer.
    • DICOM Simulation Mode
      This imaging mode is similar to DICOM Part 14, which is a medical imaging standard. It reproduces X-ray images with remarkable clarity. It also allows information to be shared by many viewers on a large screen, such as during conferences or training courses.
    • Advanced Technologies for Excellent Image Quality
      • 3D color management system
      • Full 10-bit image processing
      • Progressive cinema scan (3:2 pulldown)
      • Dynamic sharpness control
      • Digital noise reduction
      • IP conversion
      • AI scene control
    • Improved Reliability and Reduced Maintenance
      Newly Designed Original Cooling System The cooling system is newly designed to optimize the airflow inside the unit. As a result, it offers better cooling efficiency and allows the projector to be used in ambient temperatures up to 45°C (113°F)
    • Lamp and Lamp Air Filter Replacement Cycle of 2,000 Hours
      The new cooling system combines with a dust-resistant design based on a sealed optical block to achieve a lamp and lamp air filter replacement cycle of 2,000 hours. This greatly reduces maintenance hassles.
    • Easy Lamp Replacement
      For easier maintenance, you can replace the lamp from the rear. The lamp is easily replaced even after the projector is installed on the ceiling.
    • Quiet, 29 dB Operation
      An original cooling system enhances the compact body and enables the projector to operate at a quiet 29 dB.
    • Web Browser Control over a Wired LAN
      The PT-DX500U can be easily operated remotely over a LAN, because it is done using the computer’s Web browser. Furthermore, the projector sends an email message to notify the operator when an error has occurred, or a lamp needs to be replaced.
    • Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2
      Panasonic's original freeware "Multi-Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2" allows the user to control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time over a wired LAN. When a problem occurs, an alarm message is sent to the monitoring/controlling PC.
    • H/V Lens Shift and 2x Zoom Lens
      In new installations, the horizontal/vertical lens shift lets you accommodate a wide range of room sizes and shapes. And when replacing existing projectors, the 2x zoom greatly enhances your ease of installation and can reduce costs by permitting the use of existing mounting positions and cablings.
    • Flexible Angle Setting
      The unit can be rotated 360° vertically. This means you can install it at any up-and-down angle you wish to accommodate different installation conditions.
    • Lens-centered Design
      A lens-centered, symmetrical design provides ease of installation, eliminating the need for any special considerations when planning the installation site.
    • Multiple Terminals
      Interfaces include a DVI-D and HDMI inputs. The serial terminal (RS-232C) has an Emulate function that lets you continue using existing control systems when replacing a previous Panasonic model. It is also possible to output audio during Standby mode. This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector.
    • Eco Management Functions
      A number of functions are provided to reduce power consumption. They adjust the brightness according to the ambient light conditions and reduce the lamp power when there is no signal input or the projector is in the AV Mute mode.
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