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Projectors : Top 1080p Projectors

Top 1080p Projectors for Home Theater

1080p projectors 1080p projectors have a super-high resolution of 1920x1080 - twice the pixels of a 720p projector. What does this mean for you? Superior detail and extraordinary HDTV reproduction with your 1080p projector.
Top 1080p Home Theater Projectors
Compare Model Details Brightness Resolution Contrast Ratio Our Price
BenQ HT1075 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ HT1075 2200 1080p 10,000:1 $979
BenQ MH680 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MH680 3000 1080p 10,000:1 $779
BenQ MH740 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ MH740 4000 1080p 11,000:1 $1,129
BenQ SH915 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SH915 4000 1080p 11,000:1 $1,150
BenQ SH940 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ SH940 4000 1080p 50000:1 $2,229
BenQ W1070 Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ W1070 2000 1080p 10,000:1 $730
BenQ W1080ST Compare BenQ Projectors BenQ W1080ST 2000 1080p 10,000:1 $949
Christie DHD555-GS Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD555-GS 5000 1080p 1200:1 Call
Christie DHD600-G Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD600-G 6200 1080p 4800:1 Call
Christie DHD775-E Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD775-E 7000 1080p 5000:1 Call
Christie DHD951-Q Compare Christie Projectors Christie DHD951-Q 8500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie HD10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie HD10K-M 10000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie HD14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie HD14K-M 13500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie HD6K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie HD6K-M 6000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie L2K1000 Compare Christie Projectors Christie L2K1000 10000 1080p 3000:1 Call
Christie L2K1500 Compare Christie Projectors Christie L2K1500 15000 1080p 3000:1 Call
Christie LHD700 Compare Christie Projectors Christie LHD700 7000 1080p 3,000:1 Call
Christie ROADIE-HDplus35K Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADIE-HDplus35K 35000 1080p 2,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-HD10K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-HD10K-M 10000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Christie ROADSTER-HD14K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie ROADSTER-HD14K-M 13500 1080p 2500:1 Call
Christie WU7K-M Compare Christie Projectors Christie WU7K-M 6300 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Epson Home-Cinema-2000 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-2000 1800 1080p 13,000:1 $799
Epson Home-Cinema-2030 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-2030 2000 1080p 15,000:1 $849
Epson Home-Cinema-3000 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3000 2300 1080p 60,000:1 $1,299
Epson Home-Cinema-3020 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3020 2300 1080p 40,000:1 $1,399
Epson Home-Cinema-3020e Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3020e 2300 1080p 40,000:1 $1,599
Epson Home-Cinema-3500 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3500 2500 1080p 70,000:1 $1,699
Epson Home-Cinema-3600e Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-3600e 2500 1080p 70,000:1 $1,999
Epson Home-Cinema-5020UB-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5020UB-R 2400 1080p 320,000:1 $1,799
Epson Home-Cinema-5030UB Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5030UB 2400 1080p 600,000:1 $2,499
Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-5030UBe 2400 1080p 600,000:1 $2,799
Epson Home-Cinema-8345 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8345 1800 1080p 25,000:1 $999
Epson Home-Cinema-8345-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8345-R 1800 1080p 25,000:1 $789
Epson Home-Cinema-8350 Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8350 2000 1080p 50,000:1 $1,029
Epson Home-Cinema-8350-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8350-R 2000 1080p 50,000:1 $879
Epson Home-Cinema-8700UB-R Compare Epson Projectors Epson Home-Cinema-8700UB-R 1600 1080p 200000:1 $999
NEC NP-PE401H Compare NEC Projectors NEC NP-PE401H 4000 720p 2000:1 Call
Optoma EH200ST Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH200ST 2800 1080p 20,000:1 $949
Optoma EH300 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH300 3500 1080p 15000:1 $1,199
Optoma EH415 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH415 4200 1080p 12,000:1 $1,399*
Optoma EH500 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH500 4700 1080p 10,000:1 $1,499*
Optoma EH501 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH501 5000 1080p 15000:1 Call
Optoma EH503 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma EH503 5000 1080p 2000:1 Call
Optoma GT1080 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma GT1080 2800 1080p 25,000:1 $749
Optoma HD141X Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD141X 3000 1080p 20,000:1 $599
Optoma HD25-LV Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD25-LV 3500 1080p 20000:1 $899*
Optoma HD26 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD26 3200 1080p 25,000:1 $699
Optoma HD90 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD90 1200 1080p 500,000:1 Call
Optoma HD91 Compare Optoma Projectors Optoma HD91 1000 1080p 500,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-AE8000U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-AE8000U 2400 1080p 500,000:1 $1,999
Panasonic PT-AR100U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-AR100U 2800 1080p 50,000:1 $1,299
Panasonic PT-DZ16KU Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-DZ16KU 16000 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-LZ370U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-LZ370U 3000 1080p 10,000:1 $2,499
Panasonic PT-RZ370UK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-RZ370UK 3500 1080p 10,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-RZ470UK Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-RZ470UK 3500 1080p 20,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-RZ470UW Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-RZ470UW 3500 1080p 20,000:1 Call
Panasonic PT-RZ475U Compare Panasonic Projectors Panasonic PT-RZ475U 3000 1080p 20,000:1 Call

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