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Testimonials and Case Studies : Gwinn Family

Case Study: "Gwinn Family"


"We love our Theater Room!"
A planned addition to the Gwinn's home included a dedicated Theater Room. Find out how a projector from Visual Apex made their Home Theater come together.

Projector: Epson Home-Cinema-1080UB Projector


Gwinn Family Epson Home-Cinema-1080UB Projector photos Gwinn Family Epson Home-Cinema-1080UB Projector photos Gwinn Family Epson Home-Cinema-1080UB Projector photos
Gwinn Family Epson Home-Cinema-1080UB Projector photos    

Case Study:

As avid movie fans our family spends many hours watching shows from our DVD library. When we planned the addition to our house, we included a dedicated Theater Room. The size of our room, 25 x 25, allowed for a large screen size and we opted for a DaLite 160" screen wall. I installed a 720p projector that served us fine for a few years.

As we expanded our library I built a Home Theater PC with an internal Blu-ray player that led us to explore upgrading our system to support 1080p resolution. The first component we needed to upgrade was our projector. After doing extensive research on the currently available 1080p projectors in our price range, I settled on the Epson 1080UB. I am a member of an online video discussion forum and several people recommended Visual Apex as a good choice for online purchases.


I visited the Visual Apex web site on a Sunday morning, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and found it to be very easy to navigate and nicely laid out. As this was a large purchase I wanted to first talk to an actual human before making the buying decision and decided to call first thing Monday morning.

I spoke with Jim Jacobson who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Jim was able to help with my projector purchase decision and to find the right mounting plate for my existing ceiling mount. I placed my order and received prompt email communications. Now, normally I am not surprised by an order; however, this order was an exception. I placed the order with Visual Apex early on a Monday morning and expected to receive delivery by the end of the week. I was quite surprised when I came home from work the following day and found that the projector had been delivered, I wish all my orders turned out that way. It took me much longer to install and calibrate, than it did to order and ship!

In addition to the new Epson Projector, I also purchased and installed a new Dennon AVR-988 Receiver connected to the Home Theater PC and a Dish Network DVR with sound emanating from Infinity speakers in a 7.1 configuration. To facilitate the HD Video I also had to pull a 50ft HDMI cable connecting the Receiver to the Projector. After installing the new components, and making some slight adjustments to the setup, I tried a few different new Blu-ray movies. The results were nothing short of spectacular. The performance of the Epson 1080UB projector lived up to the reviews and provided us with a rich, high definition viewing experience.

Overall I can say that I am extremly satisfied with my Epson projector, and especially the buying experience with Visual Apex.

Thank you Jim, Alice and the rest of the team at Visual Apex.

Rod Gwinn
Salem, OR