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Testimonials and Case Studies : Nick Fox

Case Study: "Nick Fox"


"Visual Apex by far is the best I've dealt with!"
Nick Fox had been looking to create a home theater for over 3 years and had done PLENTY of research on the equipment and knew that he wanted. He discovered that finding a reputable company to buy from was a tougher proposition. Then he found Visual Apex - as he says, "Far and away the best Retailer for Projectors and related equipment & unparalleled customer support!"

Projector: Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector


Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos
Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos Nick Fox Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector photos

Case Study:

Ok, so here's my Home Theater setup Details - first the physical space. I wanted a system that would blend into a much used Family Room with some odd physical characteristics. It is long and thinner, approximately 14'x 21', which is perfect for the Theater feel, but definitely restricted me in the projectors I could buy which had that long of a throw. Why no ceiling mount you ask? - well my other predicament there is that my whole house is heated by Radiant Heat in the Ceilings. Which breaks down to a bunch of wire running all throughout the old plaster board ceilings that NO Electricians (or a novice like me certainly) would want to mess with drilling into the ceiling grid-work and possible knocking out the whole system. So I was left with about a 19' throw distance from back wall to front. Oh, and that "front wall" was also a bit of a challenge in that a fireplace spans the entire width, and has paneling on top which we wanted to preserve, so I knew I'd have to get screen mounts to bring it out far enough to fall in front of the fireplace.

So now you know what I was dealing with, so now the system specifics. Well I was gifted an amazing surround system with 5 Paradigm Speakers & Subwoofer—paired with a Sony Receiver (STR-DA1000ES) and Upgrading DVD Player (DVP-NS3100ES). The 2 front Paradigm speakers were "in-wall" originally, but so as to not mess up the real wood paneling, I converted them to stand alone speakers by retrofitting some old speakers I had. And, while talking back and forth with Paradigm, I was able to build them in a way to make sure to preserve the original sound dynamics that were intended. So then the speaker wires tuck in between the mantle and the paneling, run down between the brick fireplace and the paneling, then go under the carpet all the way to the back corner of the room where all the brains are. NOTE: I originally had the subwoofer right back on the other side of the Love Seat in the rear of the room - going along with the idea that bass frequencies didn’t matter where they were located. But then in testing, found that with that long of a throw, it DID matter. The bass seemed totally disconnected from the action in front. So I had to get a 25' sub cord and move it up to the front stage, where it now works great sitting against the wall behind the recliner you see in the pictures.

So lastly, the projector and screen I used were from Visual Apex. I got a manual pull-down Elite screen, model number M120UWH2, it’s 16x9 widescreen format with a 1.1 gain. I used some old screen brackets that were going unused for decades at the church where I work. NOTE: you can get pretty much the same thing still as an added piece for Elite screens through Visual Apex. I cleaned them up and then sprayed them with matte black Rustoleum spray paint, then affixed them to the wall at the stud points. NOTE: the studs were not agreeing with where the screen mounts were located, so I got a steel bar from Home Depot plumbing section (1/2" pipe), which I cleaned and sprayed with the same matte black. Then I was able to affix that squarely to the 2 wall brackets, center the bar perfectly in the room, and then center the screen as well—drilling wherever along the bar to perfectly match up with the screen mounts. So now the screen simply pulls down about 6" in front of the fireplace when we want to use it (I don't even have to move the Fireplace Screen) and then hides away pretty seamlessly when we don't.

The projector is the Panasonic PT-AX200U, which I found after much MUCH searching. It truly is what they say it is in ALL the reviews, the "poor man's HD projector!" It's an AMAZING picture from it's 720p resolution that everyone says rivals any 1080p so closely that it's tough to tell the difference. But equally importantly for me, is the ONLY one at it’s $1,000 price point that includes “higher-end” features like 2 HDMI inputs, a 1:2 throw ratio and vertical & horizontal Lens Shift. This makes it PERFECT for my odd room situation with the long throw distance and need to shelf mount it in the rear of the room. That Lens Shift capability was invaluable to my project with being able to simply place the custom built wooden shelf centered on the back wall at the height I wanted it - then having the freedom to simply adjust the lens to fit with no odd shims needed. NOTE: I also decided to just fill ALL the inputs on the back of the projector, even if I’d rarely (or never) use them - that way I picked a Paintable "Cable Channel” from Home Depot that would fit all the wires I'd ever need, and I’d never have to bother with it to add any future device. This already proved a winning idea when soon after installing, I decided to upgrade to a Sony Blu-Ray Player (BDP-BX1) & HD programming package from Dish Network. *And no offense to my friends at Visual Apex, but I go through Monoprice.com for SUPER-CHEAP cables.

Well that's all the Details of it, I hope this helps someone else out there with some "fitting" problems in their home theater situation & maybe shows off that having an amazing Home Theater of your own can work into any physical room situation AND that you can fulfill your BIG Theater dreams even on a moderate/low budget!


So I'd been looking to buy a Projector and make a Home Theater for over 3+ years, but never had the money with my growing family and moderate income. Then when I finally did have enough "extra" money, I began a detailed search of where to buy what I needed. I had done PLENTY of research on the equipment and knew that I wanted an Elite Screen, # M120UWH2, and a Panasonic PT-AX200U projector. So then I went online to find the cheapest price, which I came to discover wasn’t always the best idea - the old adage, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is," fits really well here. I uncovered the truth that some of the companies out there offering REALLY low prices on popular Projectors were selling "gray-market" goods or leaving out critical components—like a Bulb. So then I focused my search on the upstanding companies that were legitimately authorized resellers of the Companies in question - Panasonic and Elite. It was then I found my friends at Visual Apex—far and away the best Retailer for Projectors and related equipment & unparalleled customer support!

Always being cautious of online retailers and their claims, I actually looked pretty deep into their website to discover what a great company Visual Apex was. First off, I was really impressed by the President, Charlie Moore, in the way he runs the company so openly and honestly - even taking the time to personally appear in all the videos that demo the products. I even went into their "about us" link and learned about how they always strive to be the absolute best in customer service -and I can tell you they mean it! I've personally received several emails and even 2 phone calls following my purchase to see if everything was good and up and running the way it was supposed to - now that’s what I call "unparalleled customer service!" And it wasn’t in any kind of imposing or bothersome way, just simple short checks to make sure everything was A OK with shipping, install, and equipment. I can’t tell you enough how great Visual Apex is at what they do - I would ONLY buy from them for any future need! And I've already had numerous occasions to tell all my friends (who’ve come over for Movie Nights and PSU Games in HD on my 10’ BIG Screen) how great Visual Apex is and how they too can make their humble Home Theater dreams a reality through working with them! NOTE: my friends didn’t even believe me when I texted them to come over for game-day on my 10foot HD TV. Then when they came over and saw I wasn’t lying, they humbly said - "this is the best TV I've ever seen," knowing that there 50" plasma had cost double to 3x that amount. Heck, I was so happy with my purchase, I even talked to the Dish Network Installers about it and they had me write down the Equipment info & Visual Apex info for them to take home!

Most Sincerely & God Bless,
Nick Fox

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