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Testimonials and Case Studies : First Baptist Church FL

Case Study: "First Baptist Church FL"


"Thank you Visual Apex"
See how the First Baptist Church of Mary Esther, Florida used a MovieMate 60 in the middle of the bush in southern Zimbabwe.

Projector: EPSON MovieMate-60 Projector


First Baptist Church FL EPSON MovieMate-60 Projector photos    

Case Study:


We did something pretty unique.

We took our projector, a few inverters and converters to the middle of the bush in southern Zimbabwe and used it to show the "Jesus Film" to hundreds and hundreds of locals.

We powered the projector off of car batteries using a power converter, or if we were real fortunate, plugged it in using the power inverters. Electricity was not stable though, so normally we powered it off of car batteries.

Here's a pic of us showing the film - you can't see the setup, but you can see the results. Drive for hours and hours til you get to the middle of nowhere, then follow the winding road for more hours :)

We donated the projector to a missions organization there so they are continuing to use it. It worked wonderfully.



Everything arrived great, fast, and as expected. The system was perfect. Thank you, Visual Apex!

First Baptist Church - Mary Esther FL