LED TVs and Projectors from VisualApex
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Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and Case Studies

Customer Testimonials and Reviews for Home Theater Projectors and Plasma TVs from VisualApex
Customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale is our top priority, so knowing that thousands of customers give us a 5-star review and that we're top-rated by the online opinion portals is a great source of pride.

Want to find out more? Read customer testimonials and reviews and see what they are saying about us.
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Rating: Great company to work with! 12/5/2013
The price of the projector was competitive, the return policy better than other vendors, and it was shipped same day as order. VA also followed up with customer contact to see if all was well with unit.

Excellent vendor. ...by:, DE
Rating: Will buy from Visual Apex again 12/4/2013
Visual Apex had the BenQ projecter I wanted at a very good price and offered free accessories with my order. I am completely satisfied with my experience and will definitely shop there again! Item arrived quickly and was well packaged! ...by:markmattix, ID
Rating: Excellent customer service! 11/27/2013
We purchased a video package and are very pleased with our choice of product. The customer service is excellent. We are planning to purchase a second system and will definitely choose Visual Apex. ...by:Aldersgate1406, CO
Rating: Great people, highly recommended. 11/21/2013
I had a neighbor recommend Visual Apex after their experience with them. I will be following suit and recommending Visual Apex to everyone I know. Their prices are better than anything else I found out there. The customer service was incredible. When I called, I was still undecided about which projector I wanted. I explained my set up, what I was looking for, and the budget I wanted to stay in. He expertly explained the pros and cons of each of the projectors - they were obviously knowledgeable to each of the projectors - unlike most big box stores. There were no high pressure sales gimmicks. I told him I wanted to think it over, and he told me to call back with any questions. Several hours later, I called back and placed the order with them. Shipping was great - the projector arrived 2 days later - for no additional charge. I ordered a mount as well as calibration DVD that arrived several days after that. I even received emails so they could make sure the item arrived in perfect condition. It is rare that you will find this type of customer service anymore - especially online and being located several states away and with the prices they offer. But I could not have asked for a better experience. If you are unsure about using Visual Apex since they are online, across the country, or just apprehensive about making a big purchase without "touching" the product - you will not find a better merchant out there. I will recommend to all my friends and neighbors, and will purchase from them again when it is time for my next projector. ...by:ufrj72, GA
Rating: Consistent grade A customer service 11/1/2013
I found Visual Apex through an online forum called AVforums. People were raving about their customer service (google it and you will see) so I gave them a shot and was very glad that I did. I chatted with them online, corresponded through e-mail, and spoke with them over the phone. I spoke with several different representatives and each one exhibited exemplary customer service.

It is very rare in this day and age where you can experience consistent grade A customer service through every medium of communication.

My product also arrived quickly, well packed, and in perfect condition. I will be referring all friends and family here and will be purchasing exclusively from Visual Apex from now on. ...by:, HI
Rating: Visual Apex will always be my first stop 10/31/2013
Besides the competetive selection and pricing that Visual Apex offered, what really distinguished them was their customer service. Visual Apex answers the emails you send them and answers the phone when you call them. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

The ordering process was smooth, shipping was performed as promised. The projector arrived without any damage. I immediately installed it and have been happy with the product.

Visual Apex will be my first stop for future audio visual needs. ...by:marcbski, AK
Rating: Visual Apex gave EXEMPLARY customer service. 10/31/2013
First the technical aspects: the projector we ordered was just as advertised and arrived in perfect condition. The shipping was great and on time. Visual Apex offered a superior site for me to research and learn about projectors and what we needed for our specific office. The ability to compare and contrast different projectors in a user friendly environment was a big highlight of VA. In this digital age, a user friendly comparison should be a component on every website, but this is not the case. VA's website design is the best for learning about projectors in general and for your needs specifically.

On the personal side - yep, that's right, I said personal side. Visual Apex gave EXEMPLARY customer service throughout this entire process. I rec'd timely emails confirming my purchase, shipping info, etc. Then a follow-up email asking for feedback on how they could better their services, followed by a phone call asking if my entire experience was a pleasant one. I'm a businessperson who doesn't like to be hounded, but GREATLY values good customer service. VA's communication style was informative without being pushy or too demanding of my time/energy. I will shop with VA again in the future and would encourage others who value good customer service to do the same. Our purchasing decisions do drive the market...so buy from a company that operates as we all wish they would.

That's all folks, back to work. -Zoe ...by:MsZoe, CA
Rating: Great company to work with! 10/30/2013
Great selection, competitive prices, fast and reliable shipping and fantastic customer service! ...by:ZMaster, CO
Rating: VA delivered a great purchase experience 10/23/2013

EPSON Home-Cinema-8350 Projector
I was shopping for an Epson 8350 projector following a recent annual home entertainment trade show, in which Epson had announced some new products with modest improvements and higher prices, but they had left this popular, value-oriented projector unchanged in their line-up.

The new models werenít available yet from Epson, outdated ones were immediately less appealing, and the venerable 8350 was Ö also out of stock on the Epson site (Damn!). My local electronics retailer didnít have it either, because theyíre geared to sell more conventional HDTVs.

Thatís when I discovered Visual Apex.

They had the projector in stock at essentially the standard price. The order was processed quickly and a few days later the projector arrived in great shape. I wish I had also ordered the calibration Blu-ray they had on sale, because I eventually picked that up at my local retailer at a slightly higher price.

The customer satisfaction questions sent by Visual Apex as a follow-up were in an email and not an automatically generated survey with radio buttons. Responses could contain questions and, as simple as it seems, I canít think of another company that has been that open and accessible that Iíve done business with on the web.

Sure, lower prices are out there. I didnít want to wait for a series of, ďOh, that oneís not in stock yetĒ conversations that could stretch into weeks. Visual Apex gets my recommendation because they delivered exactly the efficient purchasing experience I was looking for - and with a human touch. ...by:Rozbudz32, AZ
Rating: Great service, good price, & quick shipping! 10/17/2013
Visual Apex provided the item I wanted at an outstanding price. The order arrived quickly and they actually combined to separate orders into one delivery which was nice to receive my items at the same time. Their customer service was outstanding and I appreciated the follow up contact to make sure I was satisfied. ...by:nfcarvajal, DC
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