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Elite Lunette 2 Series Projector Screen

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The Lunette 2 Series is Elite's curved fixed frame screen. Curved screens design improves image depth and perception while increasing brightness uniformity. A new design feature for the CineWhite® material is a rubber-edge border that makes installation a lot easier and a lot less time consuming. As an added bonus, a new installation kit is included free of charge.

Screen Material
  • Award winning CineWhite® 1.1 Gain front projection material with black backing full tension uniformity across entire viewing surface
  • Outstanding picture quality at any viewing angle with no compromise in resolution or brightness
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Available in the following diagonal sizes: 84” – 180" in 16:9 format, 115” – 166” in 2.35:1 format

  • Design and Installation
  • Permanently tensioned Curved Fixed Frame Projection Screen
  • Curvature enhances contrast levels with decreased incident light while creating a heightened sense of immersion
  • No specialized projector required
  • 40’ fixed radial curvature also eliminates the pincushion effect
  • Velvet covered 3.5"width aluminum frame border
  • Installation kit includes: Woods screws & anchors, Wall Brackets, Screwdriver, Mallet
  • Quality and Reliability
  • 2-year Parts & Labor manufacturer's warranty
  • Overview: The Lunette 2 Series is Elite's curved fixed frame screen.

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        Available Screen Sizes
    Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
    Curve84WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 84" $549.00 Purchase the Curve84WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-85W CineWhite™ 2.35:1 85" $439.00 Purchase the Curve235-85W projection screen now
    Curve92WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 92" $659.00 Purchase the Curve92WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-96A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 96" $659.00 Purchase the Curve235-96A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-96W CineWhite™ 2.35:1 96" $549.00 Purchase the Curve235-96W projection screen now
    Curve100WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 100" $769.00 Purchase the Curve100WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-103A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 103" $769.00 Purchase the Curve235-103A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-103W CineWhite™ 2.35:1 103" $659.00 Purchase the Curve235-103W projection screen now
    Curve110WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 110" $879.00 Purchase the Curve110WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-115A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 115" $879.00 Purchase the Curve235-115A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-115W2 CineWhite™ 2.35:1 115" $769.00 Purchase the Curve235-115W2 projection screen now
    Curve120WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 120" $989.00 Purchase the Curve120WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-125A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 125" $989.00 Purchase the Curve235-125A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-125W2 CineWhite™ 2.35:1 125" $879.00 Purchase the Curve235-125W2 projection screen now
    Curve135WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 135" $1,099.00 Purchase the Curve135WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-138A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 138" $1,099.00 Purchase the Curve235-138A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-138W2 CineWhite™ 2.35:1 138" $989.00 Purchase the Curve235-138W2 projection screen now
    Curve150WH2 CineWhite™ 16:9 150" $1,319.00 Purchase the Curve150WH2 projection screen now
    Curve235-158A1080P3 AcousticPro 1080P3 2.35:1 158" $1,429.00 Purchase the Curve235-158A1080P3 projection screen now
    Curve235-158W2 CineWhite™ 2.35:1 158" $1,099.00 Purchase the Curve235-158W2 projection screen now

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