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Draper Ultimate Folding Screen Projector Screen

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The Ultimate Folding Screen is the first screen manufactured with 100% CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) components and assembly. The tubing is CNC machined, surfaces and borders are CNC cut; even rivet and snap holes are CNC placed. No competitive product meets this standard—and we did not stop there. Our new Lock & Load latch (patent pending) is designed for ease of operation and maximum life. Lock & Load mortise latches bite down when the surface is attached, making the frame extremely rigid. Latch parts are internal for better protection and they completely fill the tube for superior strength. The resilient latch retention spring is captured and constantly flexed so that it cannot be dislodged. These advancements translate into the most user friendly and incredibly durable hinge locking mechanism available.

Couple these advantages with clear anodized 1.25" x .070 wall aluminum tubing and you've got the precision and stability that allows Draper to offer the Ultimate Folding Screen in sizes through 12' x 16'. All surfaces—front and rear—have square corners. Borders are electronically welded using a new PVC material that provides straighter, cleaner edges. Standard Legs support the Ultimate Folding Screen in a vertical position. The screen may also be tilted for keystone elimination using the Heavy-Duty Legs which offer extra stability with an adjustable gusset. The Ultimate Folding Screen comes packed in Draper’s heavy-duty, molded polyethylene wheeled carrying case. Optionally available, StageHand, a handy little tool that will save you time and money on setup. Dress Kits are optionally available. Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

Overview: The world's most precisely manufactured folding screens.

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    Available Screen Sizes
Screen Model Fabric Aspect Ratio Diagonal Our Price Buy
241007-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 84" $532.00 Purchase the 241007-NTSC projection screen now
241072-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 84" $624.00 Purchase the 241072-NTSC projection screen now
241001-Square Matt White XT1000E 1:1 94" $686.00 Purchase the 241001-Square projection screen now
241066-Square CineFlex CH1200V 1:1 94" $821.00 Purchase the 241066-Square projection screen now
241008-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 96" $674.00 Purchase the 241008-NTSC projection screen now
241073-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 96" $834.00 Purchase the 241073-NTSC projection screen now
241078-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 104" $902.00 Purchase the 241078-HDTV projection screen now
241013-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 104" $713.00 Purchase the 241013-HDTV projection screen now
241067-Square CineFlex CH1200V 1:1 111" $933.00 Purchase the 241067-Square projection screen now
241002-Square Matt White XT1000E 1:1 111" $749.00 Purchase the 241002-Square projection screen now
241009-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 112" $725.00 Purchase the 241009-NTSC projection screen now
241074-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 112" $902.00 Purchase the 241074-NTSC projection screen now
241079-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 117" $928.00 Purchase the 241079-HDTV projection screen now
241014-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 117" $746.00 Purchase the 241014-HDTV projection screen now
241068-Square CineFlex CH1200V 1:1 128" $1,065.00 Purchase the 241068-Square projection screen now
241003-Square Matt White XT1000E 1:1 128" $806.00 Purchase the 241003-Square projection screen now
241015-HDTV Matt White XT1000E 16:9 131" $833.00 Purchase the 241015-HDTV projection screen now
241080-HDTV CineFlex CH1200V 16:9 131" $1,072.00 Purchase the 241080-HDTV projection screen now
241075-NTSC CineFlex CH1200V 4:3 142" $1,072.00 Purchase the 241075-NTSC projection screen now
241010-NTSC Matt White XT1000E 4:3 142" $833.00 Purchase the 241010-NTSC projection screen now

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